Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 17, 2008

God Allows U-Turns For Women Book Review by M. Waters

God Allows U-Turns
For Women
The Choices we make change the story of our life
By Allison Bottke
Cheryll Hutchings
Published by Bethany House

A collection of real life stories by woman facing life’s challenges just like us, who have allowed the power of God to turn around the choices they’ve made while changing their life.

Allison Bottke defines a U-turn to be a spirit altering event that changes the direction of our life based on the choices we’ve made. Allison has a focused purpose in life: “To share the good news that God allows U-turns for all who come to Him.” After experiencing God’s own love in 1989 when her life was turned around, she has set out on a mission to share other people’s stories who have experienced major turnarounds in their lives.

Haven’t we all been guilty of making decisions reflecting our own choices instead of seeking the will of God first? I know I have and most of the time that choice results in a road that I would rather not travel down. The stories portrayed in this book by various author’s reveal to us their own personal struggle with making choices and how they’ve trust God to turn the situations around for His glory.

Each chapter in the book relates an attribute that God’s Word shares with us. This book shares forgiveness, victory, friendship, prayer and salvation. It is up to us to choose. And even when our choices stray from God’s path that He has so lovingly chosen for us, He still loves us in spite of our failings.

“Remember it’s never to late to make a U-turn for God no matter where you have been or what you have done.”

Allison Bottke has a website which contains tons of information to help you remember that you can never be so lost or so broken that you can’t turn toward God.


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