Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 11, 2009

Philips Go Gear MP3 Video Player Review

I am reviewing this product from my own personal inventory. My husband bought me this last Mother’s Day.

I have always wanted an MP3 video player and have drooled over all the ones on the market.

My dear, sweet husband went out and bought me the Philips Go Gear MP3 Video Player in 2008. I was so excited, but a little skeptical. My husband does not know a lot about electronics, so I was worried the salesman might have taken advantage of him.

When I opened the box and began setting up my Go Gear, I was totally shocked to find out that the software would not load even though my computer met all the requirements. So I headed off to Philips help desk. Much to my amazement, I found out that the Go Gear at that time was to new to be listed. So…. I had to use the old fashioned method of getting help, by dialing and holding forever. When I finally got through they apologized to me for the problems and told me I needed to start all over.

When I finally got all the software loaded on my pc, which ended up taking over a week. The media coverter file still would not work properly, nor the ARC software. Basically Philips could not help me as we had tried every option they had in their database.

I decided to go without it and just try to listen to some of my favorite music. Boy oh boy… I was once again disappointed. It took me almost another week to figure out how to get the songs from my cd’s to my computer to my Go Gear. I was physically and mentally exhausted. The music is still hard to transfer no matter which media outlet you use. Once the music is on the player you have to update on a weekly basis it seems or you can not play the song.

Overall, as you can tell I was very disillusioned with my MP3 Video player. I wanted ease in use and it to be fun not a full time job. To be fair this is one of the first models that Philips came out with and I hope their new more improved models are not experiencing the difficulty I did.

All in all, I would rather shop around for a better bargain and user friendly MP3 Video Player.

M. Waters



  1. WOW sorry you had such a hard time. I have the Creative Zen mp3/video player & have had it for a year. I love it. Very user friendly, converts the videos for me & everything. I have watched some Dr Who episodes & a movie on it. I was amazed at the clarity of such a small screen. I mainly use it for audio books. My husband & dd have the Zune & love those players. Don’t give up do some research I did before I bought the Zen. You will find one you love.

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