Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 3, 2009

Vacuum Cleaners and Backpacks

I know, what a strange title for a post but wait hear me out.

Me and my husband were talking the other day about vacuum cleaners and backpacks.  It seems in our busy household of, five people, four cats, two dogs and to top it off forest green carpet that I am always vacuuming.  I love to vacuum, but I have yet in my 15 years as a home owner to find one that really, really works.  Oh, sure I’ve had many vacuums but none truly got the job done right or lasted longer than a year.  Or they will last a little more than a year so the warranty is no good.  Does anyone else out there have the same problem?

We live in a real rural area that is filled with plenty of sand, dirt and other things that make their way into our home on a daily basis.  My husband does a lot of work outside all year round and he brings in all kinds of things.  Then you have the kids swimming all day in and out with their wet, muddy feet.  Not to mention the four cats shedding all the time at different times and our little canine friends that bring in all kinds of yucky stuff.

I’ve went through four vacuum in the last four years.  Each year the same thing, they all start off great!  They have great pickup and then one day they don’t.  I don’t think there is a vacuum on the market that can take the Water’s Family household and hold up for longer than a year.  Needless, to say I am very discouraged.  I even contacted Dyson and asked them to send me a vacuum to try, but of course they declined.  I’ve heard great things about Dyson, but to reject a busy household such as my own, maybe they are afraid.  Any thoughts?

Next, we started talking about backpacks.  These are another disposable item in our household.  It seems that through the course of a school year we have to purchase each one of our girls two or more backpacks since they fall apart.

I’ve tried the expensive brands, the reasonable brand and the cheap brands and they all last about the same time.  I would love some thoughts or suggestions on brands to try for my girls this year.


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