Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 9, 2009

Ah!!! Summertime

Don’t you just love summertime?  I do, although I have to admit my days are a little more hectic.  With the kids home, my husband school schedule different, my dad on vacation it gets a little stressful.

Dear readers, you are awful quiet.  I thought for sure some of you would of commented on the review of Scripture Stickies I did this week?  No thoughts, you’ve just got to try them.

Next week, I am working on a review of Affresh™ from Maytag.  If your washer is anything like mine, it has stinky odor.  Whirlpool has promised that this state of the art product will cause the odor to disappear.  We shall see…  Stay tuned next week for the answer.

I also haven’t heard from you regarding the next products you would like me to review.  It seems that most of the vacuum companies out there are still afraid of my house and don’t want their products to fail.  So I will keep trying.

Have a great week.



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