Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 19, 2009

Don’t Bite Me! Patch(tm) Product Review

 The Don't Bite Me! Patch

The Don't Bite Me! Patch

When a few of my subscribers mentioned the product Don’t Bite Me! Patch, my curiosity was piqued.  Living in Florida we joke that mosquitoes are our state bird, I am always looking for ways to protect my children from the irritating insects.  Then… with all the diseases that these pesky little critters carry, I have tried just about every product on the market.  Needless to say I have not found a product that really worked 100% of the time and one that was actual safe for my little ones.

Until now that is!  I just adore these easy to use patches.  The Don’t Bite Me! Patchare DEET free.  They are a natural alternative in insect prevention.  Every evening around dusk we love to spend time outside, since this is the only time the heat is bearable.  But we’ve always had a problem combating mosquitoes.   The Don’t Bite Me! Patch™ are so easy.  Just simply put on a patch.  I found the best place for the patch was on the back of my kids neck.

We tested the The Don’t Bite Me! Patch five separate times.  I placed one patch on my daughter each time we spent time outside.  I myself did not use the patch and guess what?  I was bitten up and she did not have one bite on her.  After five test runs, she still did not have a bite.

According to the company – “ The Don’t Bite Me! Patch™ is a revolutionary, new product that provides an alternative to traditional insect repellent.”  The ingredients listed on the box are Vitamin B1 and Aloe.  Each Don’t Bite Me! Patch provides up to 36 hours of protection from biting insects.  On the box the insects listed are:  mosquitoes, gnats, no seeums, ticks, chiggers and sand fleas.

The patches are available at many natural food stores, and national retailers including Krogers, Wal-Mart, and Rite Aid. They’re also available online at:

Each box contains five patches and they are waterproof.  So grab yourself a box and give them a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



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