Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 9, 2009

Book Review: The Life of Teenagers “Ain’t No Joke”

The Life of Teenagers “Ain’t No Joke”

Living a Courageous Childhood

In An Unforgiving World

By Keith G. Wright

Published by Ain’t No Joke Books, Inc.

Miami Shores, FL

“No Joke Teen Truth #101:  Nobody, absolutely nobody, will ever love you as much as your parents.”  Page 4.

Keith G. Wright is on a mission to inspire teenagers using different Ain’t No Joke themed books and his “My Life Ain’t No Joke” school presentations.  He aims at encouraging the teenage population to take their childhood and future seriously.  After all Life Ain’t No Joke.  Mr. Wright uses life experience, his role as a father, step-father and mentor to South Florida’s community teenagers to convey just what it means to treat life as No Joke.  Mr. Wright knows all too well what teenagers are facing daily, he was once one himself.  He attributes all his success at life and his books to his mother, who raised him in a single parent home, who used her own life as a model for him.  Mr. Wright has used these principles in his own home and seen great results from his own children.

The Life of a Teenager “Ain’t No Joke” is written from a self-help perspective and classified as a self-help book, but don’t let that fool you.  This book is filled with down to earth, practical advice for our teenagers.  It reaches out to them on their level relating to their daily struggles, temptations and pressures they face.  Mr. Wright shares many personal examples from his own life to teach each numerical “No Joke Teen Truths”.  He doesn’t speak over their head or below, he speaks right to their heart and challenges them to make a difference in their own life one step or truth at a time.  Through the use of inspiration, he shows teens what a difference time, effort and perseverance can make in their own life

I would recommend this book to all parents who have children, not just teenagers.  This book would be a great benefit to read prior to entering into the teenage years, as well, again when faced with the teenage years.  I rate this book a four on a scale of one to five.  The author, achieves his goal of inspiration and encouragement to teens in such a way that when you read this book as an adult you will wish you had this how-to-manual when you were growing up.  Each truth presented within the book is backed up with personal life experiences of the author or other people’s lives he has witnessed.   Mr. Wright uses many different quotes from people teenagers can relate to throughout the pages to accomplish his goal of inspiration.



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