Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 16, 2009

Hot, Humid, the joys of summer!

Well… my baby starts pre-kindergarten tomorrow.  Boy oh boy does time fly.  It seems just like yesterday that she was born all 8lbs of her.  The sad thing is that I won’t be home in the morning to send her off.  With my new job and the hours I’ll have to leave before she does in the morning.  I bought plenty of kleenex.

I just finished a great review for summer.  Check it out!  Love to hear any comments or concerns from my readers.

Next week, we are going to review a new lotion.  I’ve used it for over 30 days and it has had a lasting affect on my feet.  People have noticed how much better my dry, cracked feet look.

It’s hot and humid here in the sunshine state.  We’ve had some good rain and storms.  But.. that’s Florida.

Still working 29 hours a week.  Monday’s our are busiest days.  I can honestly say the new has wore off the job.  Now it is just a JOB.  LOL

I am very disappointed to say we are still on a vacuum search.  No luck.

Have a great week and see ya next weekend.



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