Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 6, 2009

Capresso MT500 Coffee Maker Review

Well, I finally got to it!  It seemed like from the start this review was not meant to happen.  I had a little problem with the first two coffee makers the company sent me to use.  Just a little leak, but it all fairness I wanted a 100% machine in order to write an objective review.  The company was great they sent me a new machine without me having to return the original one first, which was a great convenience to me.  I didn’t even have to pay for return shipping.  So I would have to give Capresso an “A” for customer satisfaction.

Capresso MT 500 Plus

Capresso MT 500 Plus

This coffee maker will spoil you.  I have gotten so accustom to making my coffee first thing in the morning and then getting ready before the pot was finished.  But.. not with this one.  You prepare it to brew and in less than 7 minutes you have a full pot of steaming hot coffee.  What an eye opener.

Another plus is that you do not need to buy those paper filters for this machine.  It comes equipped with it’s own filter that you use again and again.  It is even washable.  So you don’t have to spend hours in the grocery store trying to find the exact size.  Plus you save money when you don’t have to buy from the manufacturer!

This model comes with a charcoal filter for all you that are concerned with the items in our drinking water.  It even has a light that tells you when to replace the filter.  I love it.  It is blonde proof as my dear husband calls it.

But. I have to say the best feature about this state of the art brewing machine is that since I’ve been using it faithfully for two months, I’ve never had it clog or brew over.  I hate when you start a pot of coffee, walk away to do something else and go back to find coffee grounds in your pot or better yet all over the floor.  Not once, I have jumped for joy over this simple but yet necessary feature.

Here is the website for you brewing professionals to check out:

Enjoy all the fine products brought to you from Capresso.  Be sure to tell the Melissa sent you from Melissa’s Musings.



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