Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 21, 2009


It’s been awhile, I am sorry!  Life got in the way.  I would much rather spend the time with my girls, as they will remember my name in six months, whereas the companies that I review their products can’t remember my name from day to day.

We had a field trip to the Zoo about three hours away this week, and we had so much fun.  The girls were upset that Stingray Bay was closed they wanted to go back the next day just to see the Stingray’s.  I had to work though and it wasn’t possible.  Another time.  They are already planning  the trip.

We are preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday.   Which in our house means being extra thankful.  We don’t get into all the hype of the holidays just want to focus on the goodness that God has blessed us with each year.  Lost teeth, good grades, health, being together!  You get the picture.

I have some good reviews for you and a contest for a Charm bracelet that actually survived my job.  I work at a newspaper and I’ve lost many a good piece of jewelry to harsh environment and busy days, but I am proud to say this Charm bracelet survived without a scratch.

I’ve got a cool game review coming up, and a nice warm blanket in time for those cool nights.

I am still trying to find some good holiday photo cards to review, which seems to be impossible.  A vaccum, a new set of pans for the new year and a nice fragrance.  Organizational tools for busy people.

I’ve been asked to find some good solid story books for children that attend headstart and find generous donors.  This is a challenge in this economy but I know I can count on my readers to lead me in the right direction.

So I wish you a good week and remember to be thankful as you prepare your dinner for your family, be thankful that you have a roof over your head, a family to share this special day, be thankful that you have food to eat, that you are warm and blessed.



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