Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 17, 2009

Quick Update

Of course aren’t all our updates quick.

We had our Christmas party at work today and I ate way too much, just a prelude to Christmas dinner.  Oh well, you only live once. Right?

I don’t know about you but I am tired, I don’t know if it is the hustle and bustle of the season or the fact that I have too many irons in the fire.

We are all ready for Christmas and are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us again this year.  He has never failed us.

The girls are excited, as most children are.  But we have a tradition our children only receive three gifts from us.  No Santa at our house.  Jesus only received three gifts from the wise men according to the Word of God.  So…why should we go into debt to provide material things that our kids will forget in 48 hours.

I have some exciting reviews coming up and two awesome giveaways.  One is for a custom made charm bracelet and the other I am keeping secret at this time.

I hope you all are taking time this holiday season to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and enjoying your family and friends.  We are all so blessed.

Have a safe and happy holiday.



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