Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 6, 2010

Up Coming Reviews!

I know I posted yesterday, but as you can tell this is part of a New Year’s plan to keep this blog going and the reviews rolling in.

I have a great review of the first organizing, planning product that has actually worked for me.  It is the “The Household Planner” by Tashia Calhoun.

I did a little modifying, but this planner has really made my life easier and after all isn’t that what they are designed to do.  I use this as our household planner, instruction booklet.  I keep all my important papers also inside.  So no more sorting through stacks of papers to find policy numbers, doctor’s numbers, etc.

It is a printable planner.  I normally do not like these since I am very frugal when it comes to printer ink.  But I thought why not, let’s give it a try.  Tashia graciously allowed me to try her product.  In turn I am writing an objective review.  I can tell you, I was very skeptical going into this.  But thank God I took the chance.

I love the fact that I have all those pages at my fingertips to print as needed.  Don’t you just hate when you need one more sheet of some form that comes in those prepackaged household organizers.  You have to buy the refill for one more sheet or two.  So I give this planner a great big A+ for the ease of use and availability.

She has different formats for you to choose from.  Stay at home mom’s, working mother’s, etc.  You can tailor each one to fit your organizing, planning style or needs.  One minus is she or at least I couldn’t find on her website have a place that you can buy a prepackaged planner.  One already assembled in a binder.  But as I mentioned above, this is what made my life so much easier no more refills to purchase.  I guess it is a personal thing.

Another great plus, is her website is filled with free information and free printable’s for you.  Who doesn’t love freebies.  You can try before you buy in a since.  One thing that I have learned from Tashia’s planner is that you need to use the product faithfully for your needs for 21 days without fail.  If you do skip a day or don’t need it one day don’t beat yourself up, just return to it for your needs.  Make it work for you.  Don’t make you work for it.

I hope you’ll stop by Tashia’s website and check out all the articles, products and helpful hints.

I also have a conditioner review, a nintendo skin review, playmobil toy review, and a slanket review coming up so stay tuned.  I am posting reviews weekly, but will keep updates coming on a much more regular basis.

If there is a product you want me to try, pop me an email or post a comment.  Or if you have a product that you would like an honest review about, drop me a line and we can get something set up.




  1. Thanks Melissa for a great review! I’m very glad to hear that your planner is working for you and your family!
    And yes, it is very nice to have all of that important information at your fingertips in one convenient place!
    I do have Ready Made Planners available on my site, which just means that I make it for you and you still get a copy of the files so you can print more pages if needed.
    You can find those here:

    Thanks again Melissa and have a great day!

    • Tashia:
      I posted a correction. Thanks for letting me know, I must of missed that part of the planners on your site.

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