Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 2, 2010

The Slanket Product Review

I never thought I would see the day or night for that matter, that I would need a blanket to sit on my sofa and read a book.  Especially, during the daylight hours.  FYI – I live in the Sunshine State, but we’ve had record lows this year with a few days that started off in the low 20’s.

I was so glad that the maker’s of The Slanket agreed to send me one of their Slanket’s to use.  Now when I sit on our leather sofa I can keep warm and still read my book.  The great thing about the Slanket is that it has sleeves.  You put your arms through the sleeves and wrap up in it and your hands are free to move about as you desire.

This would be a perfect product for avid sports fans, reader’s like myself, and others who need to keep their hands and arms warm but without the hassle of having to hold the blanket or in this case Slanket in place.

Since receiving the Slanket, I have used it as my only source of warmth at night.  I removed all my comforters and bedspreads and have faithfully used the Slanket for 30 days.  I was amazed something that is so portable could be so warm.  My husband even commented that I was stealing his blankets on those cold, windy nights.  So my husband gives it a thumbs up.

I received the Slanket in a Burgundy color.  I love it.  It is easy to take with you from room to room.  You can take it with to you to those sports games too.

Why not stop over at the site and check out all the available ones: The Slanket.

I know you won’t be disappointed, especially if you live further North than I do.

Until next time….

P.S. I have a conditioner review coming up, Nintendo DSi and skin review too.

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