Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 28, 2010

Nerf Armor For Nintendo DSi Review

I don’t know if you are like I am or not, but if I spend a fortune on something I want to protect and preserve it.  Is that crazy or what.

Now by fortune this could be as little as $30.00 all the way up to $3,000. or more.

I say all this because, my daughter received a Nintendo DS lite for her birthday.  I know the person who purchased it for my daughter spent a lot of money, more money then I would have wanted them too.  So you can image my concern, when it came to this gift.  Then I remembered, NERF sent me a protecting game case to review.  Immediately I pulled it out and put it on her DS.

It is called a NERF Armor.  It is made by Performance Designed Products and licensed by Hasbro.

She has been playing the new DS day and night faithfully.  She just loves it, now she wants another game.  Back to the story.  She has dropped her DS, her sister accidentally sat on it.  The dog grabbed it once from the sofa where she laid it down to talk on the phone.  But guess what?  It is still in one piece, it does not have a scratch on it.  It works!

The NERF Armor is great.  Remember the good ole days when we went outside to play with our NERF balls or shot each other with our NERF guns?  This is exactly what the Armor is made out of.  It cradles you game console and looks cool too.  At least that is what my daughter tells me.  The boys at her school love it since it is red and black.  She would have preferred a more feminine color, but I explained reviewers can not be too choosey.

NERF Armor is made by Performance Designed Products.  Their website is PDP. Why don’t you hop on over.  You’ll find the coolest things.  I just love the Littlest Pet Shop Character Stylus with wrist strap and the Fashion Folio.

The NERF Armor works hard preserving my daughters Nintendo, but I really wish they would have also sent a Character Stylus with wrist strap to keep her from losing the stylus, we’ve only torn the house and car apart at least a dozen times trying to find what she calls her wand.

I love the protection this products gives my daughters new game system.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a DS or DSi.

The price for a NERF Armor is around $14.99, which in my book is a small price to pay to preserve something that brings such joy to your child’s face.

I would love to hear the comments from my readers who own one of these Armors or you thoughts about buying one.

Stay tuned for our next review & giveaway.  It will be from Playmobile.  It is awesome playset.

Till next time, stay warm.



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