Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 1, 2010

What a gorgeous day!

I had hoped to have my review of the Journibles posted by now.  But…..

The weather here has been sooooo gorgeous.  After I get off work, I can’t bring myself to be tethered to the computer.  Me and the girls have been playing in the sunshine getting rid of those winter blues.  It has been so fun.

I do have the review complete.  You’ll love it.  Just in time for Easter.  

I loved using this product and I can’t wait to get some more.  It really helps with Scripture memory and keeping it in the fore front of your mind.

The girls are so excited about Easter.  We don’t get into the bunny, basket commercialized  stuff.  But we do celebrate all about Jesus.  His life, death, resurrection and ascension.

Tomorrow we are going to color eggs for our neighborhood.  We usually color 8 dozen and then give them out in our neighborhood to remind them what this time of year is all about.  I don’t have to work and the girls are off school so it should be a great day.  I know I am looking forward to it.

Our air conditioner is down at work and it has been so hot.  All I can think about is a cold swimming pool.  I really want to find a swimming pool that lasts more than one year.  We’ve bought those quick set ones and Sun N Fun ones and they last one summer.  They rip/tear, leak or the pump and filter dies.  It is very disheartening.  I think everyone that lives in Florida should have a pool to stay cool in.  The girls want a new one.  But, I’ve been shopping around and I don’t want to throw our hard-earned cash on another dud.  Any suggestions, that is beside an in ground pool????

I guess in the meantime we will just have to play in the sprinkler.  Remember those days as a kid?  Some of them are my favorite days.

The winner of our contest still has not contacted me, so I will give it until the 9th of April and choose another one.

Today is April 1st, it would have been my mother’s 79th birthday.  But she passed away in 2006.  I truly miss her.  I thought the ache would go away, but it doesn’t.  I still pick up the phone to ask her advise only to hear my dad’s voice on the other end.  I still see things and think “Wow, mum would love that” or I think “I am so glad that my mom doesn’t have to experience this or see this happen”.  So Happy Birthday Mum!  We miss you so much and can’t wait to see ya again.  

Have a great Easter weekend.  I pray if you are traveling you will have a safe trip.  And that you remember what Easter truly is about.



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