Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 5, 2010

Journibles Review

Reformation Heritage Books graciously sent me a copy of their Journibles series to review.

I had heard about the Journible product line from a few of my loyal subscribers and instantly my curiosity was up.  What was this product, I just had to know.


My first thought upon my Journible arriving, was WOW!  This is going to help me get into the habit of memorizing Scripture.  I have struggled for years trying to retain what I’ve memorized.  I’ve meditated on it, carried it around on index cards, you name it I’ve tried it.  But… never before have I copied Scripture in my own handwriting into a keepsake book.

Journibles are hard bound books.  They pertain to a certain passage of Scripture.  Mine was on Proverbs.  Just as the Bible instructs us in Deuteronomy 17 Moses instructs the King to make a copy of the Law in his own handwriting.  Well, that is exactly what a Journible is.

The gorgeous leather-bound book is arranged so you can write out in your own handwriting a copy of Scripture.  You only write on the right hand side of the page which leaves the left side open for notes, meditates or thoughts.  I used mine for devotional Bible study.  That is the method I am using this year and it is awesome.  You have your own copy of Scripture handwritten by yourself and if you use it like I did, your study notes are right there.  What a legacy to leave behind for your children.

The publisher also has some lightly printed words on some of the pages to highlight a key word or thought to allow you to go deeper in study.  I liked this.  Sometimes I struggle with finding one or two words to go deeper in my study with, but with Journibles on some pages the words are selected for you.  What a great idea.

Psst.  I also wanted to tell you the books are on sale right now at So why don’t you stop by Heritage Books and check out The 17:18 Series on Journibles.  You can save money.

I plan on purchasing at least one of these for each of my girls.  I would like them to have a copy of handwritten Scripture left to them from me.  Possibly in the future they will want to purchase their own copies and use them personally.

Currently available in The 17:18 Series is:

1 Timothy – Hebrews; Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians; James – Jude;  John; Proverbs; Romans.

I am looking forward to using the book of Romans.  This is my favorite chapter in the Word of God.

The 17:18 Series would also be good to use in your homeschooling.  They are great for copywork and handwriting practice.  Plus you will be using the Word of God with your children.  The Word of God never returns void.

I can’t say enough good things about The 17:18 Series Journibles.  I just loved the one I tried.  I hope they bless you as much as they have me.




  1. Wow! This is just what I wanted to hear – I had already just ordered one but reading your blog convinced me it’s the right thing to do!! I just heard about this on the radio today and immediately got curious and excited as well!!! Glad I didn’t procrastinate – can’t wait to get it in the mail – I ordered Proverbs as my first one but Romans is also my favourite book and I might jump into that one right away!! Can you picture doing it on one’s own in an ordinary journal?

    • Sheryl:
      Thank you so much for your kind comments.

      Yes.. I could see doing this in your own journal. I got a new one for Easter and that is exactly what I plan to do. I also bought my girls one and we are going to give it a try.
      I will keep you posted.

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