Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 9, 2010

Kwiki Purse Review from BagNBasket

Lisa over at graciously allowed me to review their newest product the Kwiki Purse.

Lisa sent me a red one.  And right now it is on sale on their website for $10.00 off.  BagNBasket  I’ll meet you over there and we can look at their wide array of products to organize your life.

As I’ve shared before, my life is a bit disorganized.  One of the most unorganized parts of my life is my purse.  I can never find anything in the bag, I always have to take everything out each time I need my cell phone, keys, etc.  Do you share this too?

I have been a Vera Bradley lover since I got my first one three years ago.  It was a gift from my favorite brother.  I just love the pockets.  Each Vera that I’ve owned had a least six inside pockets and two outside pockets.  So it was easy to put my hands on my keys in a flash.  Just put them in the right hand pocket each time and reach in to the same place. Presto…Keys.  For Christmas this year my dh bought me a purse, it was huge and it was not a Vera.  I tried to be enthusiastic about it, but when I unzipped it and looked inside there was only one itty bitty pocket.  How was I going to survive.  Being the obedient grateful wife, I put all my stuff in the bag.  I also used tons of little accessory bags to keep my things organized.  I used it faithful.  Then something wonderful happened…

Lisa sent me a Kwiki purse.  It is awesome it has 7 (seven) yep you read right. Seven inside pockets.  I was in pocket heaven, one for my checkbook, one for my cell, and you get the picture.  A plus was the Kwiki purse she sent me was red, so whenever I set it down it was easy to find.  I hear you laughing at me.  I do this quite a lot and then can’t find my purse.  The Kwiki is also available in black.

The Kwiki has a total of 11 pockets.  Seven interior, and four exterior.  The Kwiki Purse measures: *11″L x 6″W x 9″H, which is a perfect size.  For the on the go mom, or someone who doesn’t go as much.  There is a removable and adjustable strap included too.  Each of the eleven pockets includes a magnetic straps for security.  There are four metal studs on the bottom of the purse to keep it off the surfaces we sometimes are tempted to place our personal items on.  Another great feature if you are like me and set your purse down in sticky things or wet things.  Is the exterior fabric is Classy fabric with a slight sheen to it & is water & stain resistant.

An added feature to the Kwiki is the signature grommets and elastic banding line the inside for keeping your taller items in place.  I just loved this feature for my checkbook.

I hope you will stop by Lisa’s site and check out their great organizing products.

The next review I have is also from BagNBasket it is a Kwiki Purse Insert Organizer.  So if you have a favorite purse that just doesn’t have the pockets, you can organize your life.

Happy Mother’s Day.  Have a great weekend.



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