Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 27, 2010

Summer is finally here.

Me and the kids did a little dance.  We are so excited that summer is finally here.  Plus, the biggest bonus is the contractor’s finished the pool!  Oh my goodness, it is huge.  When dad said it was $50,000, I thought sure…  It is gorgeous, thank you.

The girls had their award banquets last Thursday and Friday.  Our middle daughter won 6 medals or awards.  In Bible, handwriting, math, reading, grade point average and attendance.  She was thrilled.  DH was able to attend as he had the night off.  Then it was off to DQ for dessert to celebrate.  Our oldest daughter won 5 medals or awards and two certificates.  One of the certificates was signed by Obama.  Needless to say, their mother was not thrilled.  I thought about letting her hang it in the barn.  But… then again what kind of message is that sending to my little girl.  So it is in her room.  DH was not able to attend he had to work, so Poppa (my dad) came.  This made her happy.

Our baby graduates from VPK on 6/3/10.  I can’t believe she is actually starting kindergarten.  I am getting old.  I miss those days when they were babies.  I would have 10 if I could, but my body said you have enough.  We’ve been considering adoption.  We would like to adopt a boy or a boy and a girl from the same family.  

My dad is gearing up for a trip to Michigan again this year.  I hope he doesn’t take his motor home, maybe if he drives the truck I find someone to go with him and help him drive.  Hint, hint.  I know he wants to go see his friend who recently got released from the hospital after being in one since last Thanksgiving.  Hopefully this will be the last trip, but like I say, if it makes him happy let him go.  And.. to be honest it does make him happy usually for a week or two and then he misses the girls and heads home.  His grand girls are a special part of his life.  It reminds me when I was a little girl.  Especially the horse crazy one.  

My oldest is going to be taking riding lessons this year.  I am a little nervous but I know she will love it.  My dad also put in an offer on two more horses so this has caused her to be filled with joy.  She said the other day that a little girl can never have too many horses.  I can relate, I think the same about Pomeranians.  I could never have too many.

I hope each of my readers has a great summer.  I know I am looking forward to the lazy days of summer especially since we have a new pool.

Stay tuned for more reviews and giveaways.



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