Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 2, 2010

Flanangan – Waters Memorial Day Weekend Adventures

Don’t you just love the title.  I came up with that all by myself.

Okay enough fooling around.

Thursday, was two of my daughter’s last day of school.  Each year the Christian School where they attend plans a day of water filled fun.  Not to be out done each year they get more and more activities.  This is the first year since my girls have attended Christian School that I was not able to go.  So I sent DH with all kinds of instructions.  Our youngest daughter is able to go for this fun day too.  I had to work.  Oh, well.  They had a blast!  They got home after I did.  Their eyes sparkled with all the excitement and exertion.  They just couldn’t wait to tell me all the things that were new this year.  They were talking over each other, and I couldn’t make out what they were saying.   Thank you Riverside Christian School for making three little girls so happy their face glowed with joy.

Thursday for me was a wreck.  I always go in on Thursday to process all the route and single copy sales for bookkeeping.  When I arrived I noticed that everyone appeared exhausted.  According to the assistant production manager they did not leave the office until midnight the night before only to return at 6am.  So needless to say the papers didn’t get delivered.  Oops.  Production problems always seem to plague us, when we have a holiday.  I could have slept in for another hour.  The best thing about Thursday for me, was as we were eating pizza that I didn’t have to prepare my phone rang and it was my brother.  He yelled “Surprise, was Jupe able to keep from telling you I was coming up earlier”?  I said yes, I didn’t expect you until Saturday.  He said he was 20 minutes away.  So this was a pleasant surprise.

Friday, the two of my girls were able to stay at home.  They didn’t get to sleep in as Gabby had to go to VPK.  But they were able to crawl back in bed after they went with Dad and dropped her off.  Then, they were able to squeak in a swim before I got home from work.  We weren’t able to swim, me and the girls.  We had a terrible thunderstorm that came up right after I got home.  It was pretty bad.  The rain was coming down in sheets, I couldn’t see dad’s house.  The girls always get scared when this happens so we made a tent in my office.  We lost power for about four hours.  The worst part was the wind.  It tore part of our shed roof up.  DH had to put new tin on it this weekend to protect our Christmas decorations and what-nots.  DH’s boat went through the machine shed wall and got stuck. He is not happy, no fishing until the machine shed is fixed and boat too.  My dad’s house had a lot of large limbs down in his yard, and a bunch more broken.  The hay barn lost half of its roof.  The tin is now across the street on the neighbor’s pine tree farm.  So as you can see we had a pretty good wind shear.  They don’t call it a tornado, just a wind shear.  The girls were frightened so we all had a slumber party in the living room with popcorn and movies.  DH had to work so he missed all the excitement.  I am just thankful that we weren’t hurt only material things.  And that the screen room around the pool survived.  We went to my dad’s after the worst of the storm since we didn’t have any power and spent the time in his Florida room.  I had a good visit with my brother.

Saturday, we decided to have the cookout today, as my brother has big plans.  He is going to make a trip to Tennessee and follow the trail the indians took and go to New Orleans and then Texas and then tornado alley.  He is taking his Harley and is going to try to chase a few storms down.  He said this is something he has always wanted to do.  I think of the movie “Twister” as he tells me his dreams.  I told him to take lots of photos and email them to me.  Plus to send the girls post cards, they love Uncle Owen.  I think this is so cool.  My brother worked 30 years, raised a family.  He deserves this.  He still works, but he is taking two months off to do what his heart desires.  You go, boy.  Wish I was going with him.

Well, our menu for the cookout of course consisted of farm raised beef.  We butchered the last cow earlier this year.  We had T-Bones and New York Strips on the grill. My favorite, only if they are cooked right.  Rare…. Mooing…  We had baked potatoes with plenty of butter and sour cream.  Macaroni salad made homemade by me, using my mom’s recipe.  Bean salad made by me.  French bread, we bought this.  Corn on the cob from our garden, sliced tomatoes from the garden.   Dessert was watermelon, strawberry shortcake and roasted marshmallows.  Don’t ask, my kids have to roast marshmallows every time we fire up the girl, it is a tradition.  We had just finished eating and visiting when another of Florida’s afternoon shower came through.

I’ve already shared what we’ve done on Sunday in my reviews to come post.  Church and Barnes & Noble.  What I forgot to mention was me and my middle one spent the day in the ER.  She has an ear infection, I wonder if they are contagious?  I just got over one.  Yuk, I hate hospitals and waiting rooms.

Monday, we went to a cook-out at my friend Donna’s house.  It was so nice not to have to cook and her husband makes the best ribs I’ve ever had.  There were 18 adults in attendance and tons of kids.  We had a blast.  Then it was home to declutter the garage.  When we were all hot and sweaty, we jumped in the pool to lounge around.  

I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day.

Monday, night my youngest woke up with a stomach bug, so I am running on 2 hrs. sleep.  



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