Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 7, 2010

Chiefland’s Annual Watermelon Festival

If I hear the song, “Watermelon Crawl” one more time I am going to scream.

The girls and I along with my friend and her children braved the heat and attended the Chiefland Watermelon Festival.  I had some reporting to do, but please don’t tell the girls.  The last time I attended this annual event was when I was pregnant with Savannah.  Nine years ago.  I have to say it has changed and not for the better.  And it is still the same in a lot of ways too.

Wow, was it hot.  I got sunburned of course.  I wore sunblock but I must have sweat it off.  My face and neck got the most.  The girls were a little red, but they tan so nicely.  They can thank their dad for that.  We did get to eat snow cones by the bushel load.  There was all you can eat free watermelon too.  I personally do not like watermelon.  My girls are just like my dad and can’t get enough, although, I think they got their fill today.  I am interested to hear the statistics on this years festival to see just how many watermelons were eaten.  The girls were ecstatic as they even got to spit seeds.  I don’t think this is too lady like but, it was a contest.  In this aspect the girls are like me very competitive.  I am still trying to decide if this is good or bad.  Of course, when you become a mom you have to learn to lose at any game without your children finding out.  This is very challenging the older they get.

We attended the parade first.  The City of Chiefland actually closes off Highway 19 for four to five blocks.  I think everyone from the tri-county area stood alongside Hwy. 19 in the hot sun to catch a glimpse at the new 2010 watermelon queen.  Makes me think of the song “Queen of my double wide trailer”.  There were fire trucks and lots of John Deere tractors.  I did not see any Kubota’s (my dad’s new favorite), although he is quick to say nothing runs like a deere.  Tons of new cars and old cars with all the queen contestants, princess contestants, little princess and little princes in them.  I love the new Camaro.  I guess this would have to be my mid-life crisis car.  I drool over the electric green color.  I do like the yellow too, reminds me of the Transformer movie.

I’ve done the mini-van thing.  But, you don’t get no respect when you drive a mini van.  People are always passing you.  You are trying to protect your special cargo, and they zoom on by.  I’ve done the truck thing too.  Growing up in a rural area, a truck is a thing to have.  Mud bogging is just one fun past time.  I’ve done the sports car thing too.  I’ve done the luxury car thing.  But I have to say I love my car.  I drive a Chevy HHR.  I get 36 miles to the gallon on gas and all my precious cargo fits nicely inside.  It has dual DVD so the kids are happy.  I can plug my MP3 player into the stereo and they can watch their movie.  My dad loves it too, he borrowed it once and drove it to Michigan.

Anyways, I digress.  Back to the watermelon crawl…  The girls got three bags full of candy from the parade.  Then we were off to the Friends of the Library book sale.  I was impressed.  I love the book sale in Gainesville every year, although I haven’t been since my mom died.  It is a long story.  I got a whole tote bag full of books for me and the kids for only $5.00.  Whoo Hooo.  I even got “Tolstoy”  Can you believe it.  I am itching to read it, but.  I have three others going right now.  After the book sale we visited the vendors, which was fun.  Then the kids played on the carnival type games.  Darts, go fish, pan for gold.  By that time I was overheated and so was everyone else.  So we decided to go eat lunch.

We ate at the girls favorite place this month.  Mya’s chinese restaurant.  It is an all you can eat buffet.  I like it too.  Then we visited the Dollar General for prizes they did not win at the carnival games.  Said good-bye to our friends and came home to rest.  We made it home before dad had to go to work so the girls had some quality time, while mom took a nap.

We enjoyed the pool and a cook out with just me and the girls.  Popsicle’s are great on a hot day.

So that was our visit to the Chiefland Watermelon Festival.

Stay tuned for more.



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