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Joey Junior Luxury Ultra Suede Purse Mate Review & Giveaway

Joey Junior sent me a Luxury Ultra Suede Purse Mate to review.   Joey Junior also sent me a mini-classic purse organizer to giveaway.

So let’s dispense with the legalities.  To enter the contest you must visit:

(Just click on the photo and your browser will take you to Joey Junior’s website).  Browse the site and leave a comment on my blog about your favorite item or any item you’d love to have.  This will earn you one entry.  If you are not currently a subscriber and you become one this will earn you an entry.  If you blog about this contest on your blog and leave a comment with the link on your blog, this will earn you another entry.  The winner will be announced June 30, 2010.  I will contact the winner by email.  Only open to residents of  USA.  I will give you one week to respond, if I have not heard from you in a week’s time frame, I will select another winner.  All entries will be placed in a hat and one of my girls will draw your name in the selection process.

What you’ll win.  One Joey Junior Mini classic Purse Organizer in candy apple red.

Now…on to the review.

I know I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, that my dh bought me a purse around Christmas time.  He knows my weakness for purses, a woman can never have enough.  Unfortunately, the purse he bought me did not have any pockets on the inside.  This is a huge bummer.  I had grown accustom to a purse that had eight inside pockets and two outside pockets.  No more hunting for your keys, or cell phone.  Everything has a place and a place for everything right.  Wrong.  My new purse was gorgeous and huge just the way I like them.  They look more like totes than handbags.  I was grateful for the present, usually he buys me a gift card and lets me pick out what I want.  I am rather picky my dh says when it comes to receiving gifts.  Not so, I just know what I want and want what I want. LOL

So, I thought the Ultra Suede Purse Mate would be the perfect thing to try out in my new handbag.  Joey Junior’s purse mates are organization products for your handbag.  It takes a plain, ordinary handbag and turns it into an organizational tool.  Simply take the purse mate out the box and slide it into your purse.  The Ultra Suede Purse mate comes in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.  The one I received to review was brown suede.  Very nice.  There were four pockets and a key fob to clip your keys too.  There is also a velcro strip to help your purse mate stay where you put it.  I used mine for thirty days.

I was very pleased with Joey Junior’s Purse Mate products.  Not only did it offer me the chance to use a handbag that I normally wouldn’t have.  It allowed me to stay organized.  I was able to locate my blackberry without looking, just by remembering which pocket I placed it in.  I didn’t lose my keys to the bottom of my mammoth bag, I just clipped them to the fob and never had to look again.

Definitely, the best part about Joey Juniors Purse Mate is the ease with which you can switch handbags.  Since all the items in your purse are organized according to the pockets, when you are ready for a new handbag  just grab the Purse Mate and drop it in the new purse and you are off.

Joey Junior products are the fast, easy and cost-effective way of organizing any handbag.  Joey Junior products are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colorful patterns.

The purse insert that helps keep you organized and makes changing handbags easy!

– The Organizer stands upright to make changing handbags easy!
– Organize any standard or over-size handbag. (Measures 5″ x 26″)
– Keep everything visible and accessible.
– Slip items easily in and out of pockets.
– 6 pockets will hold your cell, PDA, cosmetics, and other items.
– Joey Junior provides a special pocket for business cards!
– Secure your keys with the handy key clip & tether.
– Soft fabrics protect eyewear against scratches.
– Your favorite color or pattern in Classic Fabric or Luxury Ultra Suede.

When you stop by Joey Junior be sure and let them know Melissa of Melissa’s Musings sent you.  Don’t forget to enter the contest.

Until next time.




  1. I like the Joey Junior Mini Purse Organizer! 🙂 purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

  2. I’m a subscriber! purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

    • Doreen:
      I have entered you in the contest twice.
      Thank you for reading.

  3. Blogged:

    purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

  4. If the mini purse organizer really holds all the stuff it showed in the picture on the website, then I love it! Do you think it would work in a diaper bag? That would be awesome!

    • That is what the Joey Junior website says it holds.
      A diaper bag would be the perfect place to use one. Great idea. I’ve entered you into the contest.

  5. I am a new subscriber to your emails! I found your blog through a comment on Addicted to Saving. 😀

    • I also entered you for subscribing, Cathy.
      Thanks for being a loyal reader.

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