Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 27, 2010

The dust, the thunder and all that is Rodeo!

We finally pulled in the driveway after midnight, Friday night.  Tired, dusty and ready for bed.  But, we still had to unload the horses, and cool them down.

I think we finally fell into bed exhausted around 3am this morning.  I am not complaining by any means.  We had fun.  The girls had a blast.  They participated in the calf scramble.  Wondering what a calf scramble is?  They take a young calf and tie a ribbon to the tail.  They fill the rodeo arena with kids.  Instructions are the first one to snatch the ribbon from the calf’s tail wins.  To make it interesting they had the kids barefoot.  I’ll never get those white socks white again, and wait what is that stain, oh…never mind. Cow pie.  My girls are too polite when it comes to this type of event.  They won’t push, shove and claw their way to the calf.  (I use to do this when I was a little girl).  So… they came up ribbonless.   They had to tell me how many times they were pushed or shoved out-of-the-way.  How do you explain to two little girls that this is part of life?  I haven’t quite figured it out yet, when I do I’ll let you know.  Then how do you tell them that it is okay to push a little and shove a little in good fun???  They don’t give you a manual on this when your little one enters the world. Do they?

Speaking of little ones, we met a lady who is having twins.  My girls were totally amazed that she was having two at the same time.  I have attended a twin birth, it was my first attendance in the birthing room.  Maybe that is why I didn’t want children for the longest time.  So I don’t recommend it.  If you don’t have kids, don’t attend the birthing process with a friend, it will scare the pants off you, especially if it is multiple births.  The nice lady we met is having a girl and boy.  She had the pregnancy glow, remember those days, before you wore spit up and not to mention the other stuff.

We watched Motherhood the other night.  I’ve heard good reviews, but I really didn’t like it.  One I don’t personally care for Uma Thurman, her role as Poison Ivy in Batman ruined my opinion of her.  So I admit I went into the movie with a bias.  I can’t imagine living in the city trying to raise children.  I lived on farm of 200 acres growing up.  My girls live on an 80 acre farm.  I tried the city, but as someone once told me you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.  SO first chance I got, I headed back for what was familiar.  I digress.  It seems this frazzled mother was trying to find her meaning in life.  Other than being Savannah’s mom, or Madison’s mom.  She was once a writer and longed to return to the profession.  But, what I say was this woman created chaos where ever she went.  She was always frazzled, tired and overworked and underpaid.  As a mom, of three little ones, I take offense.

Sure, there are sleepless nights, illnesses, and much more.  But, look at the glass half full as my middle daughter is good at reminding me.  Three little smiling faces greet me each day as I walk through the door from work.  Eager to tell me about their day and hear about mine.  Three little girls to cuddle with and share my love with, to hug, kiss.  Three little girls to introduce to the world and all the sights, sounds, smell, etc.  Three little girls to watch discover their passion for life, to find their way in a big world, to develop their own personalities.  The possibilities are endless.

Just a reminder, the contest is still up and running until the end of June.  I only have to entries thus far.  Come on is everyone on vacation.

The review for the doll is still pending so watch out for that.

Have a great weekend.



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