Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 3, 2010

Road Trip!

It looks like I have a road trip planned for the near future.  I was hoping to go to Michigan, as my dad said is was 52 degrees there yesterday morning.  But… I guess other’s have different plans for my time.

I took off work Tuesday, to spend sometime with my Bible Study Group.  We had our year-end banquet, celebrating 10 years.  It was nice.  We ate at the quilt shoppe in Trenton.  A very unusual place for Trenton, Fl.  Awesome food, but slow service.  Definitely not a place to take children.  But it was so good to see all the ladies, I miss them now that I am working girl.

Anyways, back to road trip.  My daughter wants a new horse.  She wants a purebred quarter horse with a lineage that speaks for itself.  Why oh why could it not be an Arabian.  I love Arabian’s they have such class.   But, no it has to be  a quarter horse.  She has an Appaloosa now, but she is looking for a good barrel horse.  When I was competing in the rodeo, I had an Arabian and we did just fine.  She found one, but it is in South Dakota.  Is the picture forming in your mind, a road trip to South Dakota to look at a horse and possibly purchase it?  Now, I don’t want you to get the image that my daughter is spoiled.  She has saved up her winnings and allowance to purchase this horse with the matching help of Poppa.  But my idea of a road trip is not pulling a horse trailer over 1,200 miles.

So I maybe absent from my blog for a while, oh sure I could do it from my laptop or phone, but why?  I’ll have a lot of cool stories to tell when I return.



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