Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 9, 2010

BFC Ink. Addison Doll Review

BFC, Ink. Stick together, friends forever. Posable large dolls.  

BFC, Ink graciously allowed my daughters to play with one of their large posable dolls, Addison for 30 days.  I received no compensation other than Addison from their collection.

My middle daughter, Madison was given Addison from the BFC, Ink collection.  When the box arrived and we opened the package, you should have seen her face light up.   Each of my three girls have drooled over the American Girl dolls for sometime.  At Christmas this year we received two American Girl dolls.  So unfortunately, that left one little girl out.  Now my middle daughter, is not real big into dolls.  She is more of a craft person.  But her face glowed when I handed her the huge container.

Inside the Addison BFC, Ink package was:

One large posable doll, Addison who stands 18″ tall.  Has realistic eyes, has a contemporary fashion outfit, bendable knees, a second fashion outfit was also in the box.  Each set includes a journal with lock and key.

Here is a link to check out a picture of Addison:


Addison even has her own blog.  The dolls retail for $39.99 which is definitely a better price than the other dolls I mentioned previously.  They are widely available at a variety of local retailers.  Walmart, Target, Kmart.  

Needless to say Addison has provided many hours of quality play time with my daughter.  She went with us every  where and she is still holding up.  These dolls appear to be made of quality  material, they are easily cleaned.  The journal is tightly bound.  It comes with two keys.  One for mom to keep and one for the child in your life to use.

On the BFC, Ink website you can check out the other dolls in the collection.  Addison, Calista, Katlin, Aliesha, Noelle.  Each doll comes with all the items mentioned above, but different for each doll.  On the website you can read blogs, play games and watch for new exciting products to come.
My daughter gives Addison a definite thumbs up.  This is her new BFF for the summer.  I give Addison a thumbs up sign too.  The price is definitely affordable, the doll comes with cool accessories to intrigue every little girl.  I love the aspect of play and learning integrated together.  By this I mean the journal.  
I hope you stop by BFC, Ink and check out their new products.
Stay tuned for the next review from Melissa’s Musings A Product Review Blog.

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