Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 11, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away!

Remember the song from your childhood, rain, rain go away so little Melissa can go out and play?

I’ve been singing it for about a week now.  It has rained, and rained until I don’t see the light at the tunnel anymore.  I dislike rain.  It makes me depressed.  I can’t go outside.  I feel all gloomy.  Now I don’t mind rain at night, as a farmer’s daughter, it helps me sleep well.  I love the sound of it on the tin roof.  It lulls me right to sleep.  But I don’t like it during the day, when the sun is hidden behind huge, black, ugly clouds.  I just don’t like it (as I stomp my foot in a puddle).

I hate carrying an umbrella with me places.  I hate when my glasses get wet and I can’t see.  I hate the slippery, when wet roads.  I hate how the people forget how to drive when it is raining.

I am ready for the sun.  I checked the weather forecast, and it shows showers everyday.  So why not join me singing the Rain, Rain song and maybe the clouds will part.

I am diligently working on two reviews.  I hope to find the time to get them posted.  We have so much going on with cookouts, assignments, church it seems like I am never going to get done.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine, if it’s shining where you are.



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