Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 14, 2010

Extra! Extra!

Read all about it.  I don’t remember the days when people hand delivered papers, or stood on the streets selling newspapers.  Do you?  I hope I am not dating myself here.

Anyways, on to business as usual.  We have upcoming reviews to keep your summer reading educational. Ha…

I have a review of a Tech Pod.  Yep, that’s the name.  It is so cute, I think you’ll love it, I know my phone does.

I have a Kids Bible Review also coming up.  So if you have little one’s be sure to keep your eye on the blog.

Now for a blog update.  The rain has stayed away for a day.  It finally quit raining for three days and I was thrilled.  My sun starved body soaked up the sun, as much as I would let it anyways.  I don’t like to be outside all that much unless it is in a pool.  They are calling for rain today.

My dad is still enjoying the cool weather in Michigan.  I am beginning to think he may stay until he sees the first snow flake and then watch out, he’ll be on his way home.  I envy him.  I would love to spend the summer in Michigan with family and dear friends.  The memories flood in and they are fond.

I went into Wal-Mart this weekend and guess what?  They have school supplies out.  Yuck!  Now I love pens, any type as long as they write good.  I collect them, my purse is 78% pens.  My girls love them too.  But, it seems like school just ended and now it is getting ready to start-up again.  Poor kids.  I told the girls to enjoy their summer since there isn’t much left.  They have been playing outside from dawn to dusk every night.  Building mud castles, straw, making race tracks, running barrels, roping.  You name it, they’ve probably tried it.  They’ve also done some things that aren’t good, like trying to jump off the playhouse and too many other things to mention.

Well, I hope you are enjoying the lazy days of summer.  Drink some lemonade for me.

Stay tuned.



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