Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 21, 2010

Well.. It seems like forever.

I missed you all.  It seems like it has been forever since I sat down and had a chat with my blog.

How are you?  I hope and pray that each of you are doing well.  Enjoying summer.

I know I am.  I just love the lazy days of summer.  Of course, they are not as lazy as they use to be since I went to work.  But, I still get plenty of reading in during the summer.  Now that I have my Barnes and Noble Nook, it seems I am reading more.  I just can’t get enough.  Right now I have three books going and one not on the Nook, it is a study book.  

The Barnes and Noble Nook has really out done itself.  I was amazed when it first hit the market and like everyone else out there thought I wanted a Kindle made by Amazon.  That was until I got my Nook.  I just love it.  Barnes and Noble has bent over backwards to make sure I have a positive experience with their products.  My Nook is not a review.  My dh purchased this for my birthday for me.  So I have monetary involvement, but that still doesn’t keep me from loving my Nook.  If you love to read, I think an e-book reader should be on your wishlist.  I have been drooling over the Ipad lately.  Wonder if Apple will send me one to review.  I’ve heard Apple doesn’t give out many things to reviewers, which must be true since I asked for an Ipod over two years ago and they didn’t even have the professionalism to respond.  Imagine that.   Oh well, I am just a little puddle in a big pond.

Back to summer.  My dad is having a blast on his vacation.  He still is not home.  Usually he doesn’t last two weeks when he leaves home, but this year he has been gone over a month.  I am not complaining.  I just miss him.  I know my girls miss him terribly too.  He says he will be home soon, I say have fun and be careful.  Wait, isn’t that what the parent is suppose to say?  I think as a child gets older and their parents get older the roles reverse.  In my case, my dad is a lot older than most people my age’s parents.  He is 83.  The roles have definitely reversed.  Since my mother’s death in 2006, I have become the parent and he has become the child.  More like a teenager on his part.  But, my mother always said what goes around comes around.  I guess I am getting mine for all those rebellion years.  And she also said payback is hell.  LOL

Our family has been busy enjoying the pool and not having to attend school.  The girls start school this year in August.  So we are busy planning what to purchase as far as school supplies.  We have the doctor’s appointments for physicals and sports sign-ups.  I can hardly wait to become a taxi again this school year.  I love to see the excitement in my girls eyes about school.  The love it.  I think that is half the battle.  They just love their teachers and their school.  They can’t wait to return.  Plus they have a love of learning.  They are so full of questions, and I love to answer them.  If I can’t we hit the internet for reliable sources to find the answer.  If you are not learning, you are not growing and if you are not growing you are rotting.  Never stop learning.  Challenge yourself each day.

Well, I better run, I have an assignment.  A dead body was found floating down the Suwannee River.  Who was it, what happened, when did it happen?  I get to go investigate.

I am still working on the Tech Pod review so stay tuned.  I have a necklace giveaway coming up too.


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