Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 25, 2010

My Oil Cloth – Tech Pod Review

My OilCloth sent me a Pen & Ink Filigree Tech Pod to review.

Mine is in black and white but, I wanted to show you a picture.

I used my tech pod faithfully for 30 days.  I traded off between my phone and my Mp3 player.  The Tech Pod worked great with either device.

Each Tech Pod includes:

4 ” wide x 5 ” tall

  • exterior – oilcloth (100% coated cotton) / lining – nylon
  • strap with swivel hook
  • wear on belt or attach to larger bag
  • snap closure

I loved the durability.  I take my phone and Mp3 player with me every where.  So the Tech Pod got a lot of use.  The snap kept which ever device I was using at the time safe.  The strap clips to a belt loop or inside of a purse to keep it handy.  No more digging in that trash pit you call a purse.  Don’t forget stains.  I have three kids and they are always spilling things and usually it ends up in my purse.  I love coffee and we all know how coffee stains.  So no matter what ended up near my Tech Pod, it is currently stain free.

My Oil Cloth makes other products beside carrying cases for phones or Mp3 players.  Here is their website: My OilCloth

They make totes, wallets, card cases.  Almost anything you can imagine to carry something.  You can use them as purses, makeup cases, etc.  Inspiring oilcloth handbags and totes by Michelle & Yvette.

I know when I first heard about My, I wondered what oil cloth was.  Well, as a review it is my job to find out right.  So here it is.

On My OilCloth website they give the following definition.

Just click on the image to see a larger version.

So now that we settled what oilcloth was.  Why not stop over at My Oilcloth and look at their gorgeous fabric and bags.

I know you will be surprised.  I was when I opened the box my Tech Pod came in.  High quality at reasonable, affordable prices.

I hope you enjoyed another product review from Melissa’s Musings.

Upcoming reviews include:

Kids Bible, family games and ink pens.



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