Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 28, 2010

First Week of School

Well, my baby started Kindergarten this week.  My last little one left the nest to join the ranks of full-time student.  Oh, boo-hoo.

I took the morning off to take my girls who were overjoyed, (literally) to return to school.  I know it seems strange my two older girls love school.  Gabby the new student was also jumping for joy.  The noise level in our household on Monday morning was off the scale.  As we pulled out new uniforms, new shoes, new backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.  The excitement overflowed.  Even dh woke up with all the noise and he can sleep through a hurricane.

Mom rolled out of bed very early to make sure we had plenty of time.  Okay, I have issues.  5am on the dot.  As the first sip of Java hit my nerves, Madison comes out all  sleepy-eyed but awake.  She said “Oh, today is the first day!” Jumped out of bed and began the morning routine.  We had a good wholesome breakfast and spent sometime speculating on what would happen today.  Everyone was in good spirits except dh how only had four hours sleep.  Oops.

We arrived at school 30 minutes early so we could find desks, and lockers and met and greet the teachers one more time.  After all I am entrusting them with the lives of the three most precious things in my life.  Gabby was first since she is the youngest.  She found her desk and we began the process of unpacking all the first day of school goodies and even surprised her teacher with a few extras.  Then we were off to Madison’s class.  She has a new teacher this year as the old teacher retired.  Her new teacher has a lot of experience.  Madison was excited and a little shy.  Madison was upset that she had to sit by a little girl, that attended last year.  Apparently, this little girl likes to get in trouble and who ever sits by her is dragged into it.  But it was a minor bump on the road.  Then we were off to Savannah’s class.  She has the same teacher she has had for three years and Savannah loves her to death.

Once we had everyone in their appropriate places, mom went back to say goodbye to Gabby.  Gabby looked up at me with those big blue eyes and asked “Your not going to leave me here are you?”  That was when I started to cry.  Of course I had to leave her there.  I tried to explain to her that it would be fun.  I left with tears in my eyes.  I ran into the principal at the door and she said I bet you are sighing a sigh of relief, since you’ve got all the girls in school now.  But, I didn’t feel that way, I felt sad.  I miss having a little one with me all day.  But that too has changed since I’ve returned to work.

I headed off to work.  Everyone at work wanted to know how it went and of course the tears started again.

When I came home, the girls had just arrived.  They had so many things to tell me, each trying to talk over the other.  It was so exciting.  They loved the first day and wanted to return again.  Mission accomplished.



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