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Review – McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds

McNeill Designs  for Brighter Minds send me a box full of games.  “You’ve Been Sentenced!”  with many, many add-on packages.  The girls were so excited when the box came in the mail.  Inside the box was:

  1. “You’ve Been Sentenced!” Game that contained a warning Caution: May Induce Hilarity!
  2. “Add-On Deck” Reader’s Digest National Word Power Challenge labeled seriously challenging!
  3. “Add-On Deck ” Gourmet Cuisine labeled seriously tasty!
  4. “Add-On Deck ” Sports Highlights labeled seriously sporting!
  5. “Add-On Deck “Pop Culture” labeled seriously cool!
  6. “Add-On Deck” Sci-Fi/Fantasy labeled seriously far out!
  7. Twisted Fish card game.
  8. Wheel of Chore-ture.

“You’ve Been Sentenced! Game is a pentagon shaped box.  You deal out 10 cards to each player and have some zany, laugh-out-loud fun making sentences!  With the deck of 540 pentagon shaped cards with over 2500 words, plus Wild Cards there are billions of possible combination’s.  You’ll never see the same sentence twice and you’ll discover that the English language can be funny.

Welcome to the courtroom.  When you play “You’ve Been Sentenced!’ your fellow players become the jury that votes on whether your often crazy, wacky sentences, and even nuttier justifications, make enough logical sense to survive and to score.  Each “You’ve Been Sentenced!” box contains 540 unique five-sided sentence-building cards, sand timer, score pad and pencil.

McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds have designed five “Add-On Decks”.  Each “Add-On Deck” has three decks of 64 playing cards, rule sheet and full color vocabulary supplement book.  We loved the Reader’s Digest National Word Power Challenge.

As a mom, I loved the time each of these games allowed my family to spend time together playing and learning.  It was so fun to watch the girls learn and not know they were learning.

“Twisted Fish” is a card game.  Remember learning to play “Go Fish” when you were a kid and having to ask your playmate for a four?  What if you had to ask for the specific four you wanted, and now there were five suits?  “Twisted Fish” has 13 unique, outrageously humorous fish characters in five different color suits that you must ask for specifically.  If that is not enough, there are 8 unique Zinger Wild Cards that all have a different wild function and make this game fun to down to the last card.

Last, but not least is the Wheel of Chore-ture.  Get some help around the house with the “Wheel of Chore-ture.”  Just spin the dial on the game and the arrow will land on one of the chores around your house.  For instance, do the wash, wash the dishes, etc.  This was fun at our house too.  We normally assign the girls weekly chores.  But with the “Wheel of Chore-ture” we just let them spin the game piece and where the arrow stopped that was their chore for the day. It took the nag out of chore time at our house.

Our family enjoyed hours of quality time together as we played McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds.  I know your family will love the games they offer.  They are educational as well as fun.

Here is the website to check out their games:

McNeill Designs

McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds will be doing a giveaway of the complete set that I reviewed above.  The contest will start 9/2/10 and end 9/18/10 at midnight.  You earn one entry by subscribing to my blog, if you are already subscribed, leave another comment for your entry.  To earn a second entry blog about my contest on your blog or on facebook, twitter, etc.  And Good Luck.  The package will be sent directly to you from McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds.  Contest is open for US residents only.

Have fun and stay tuned for our next review which is a Pentel Pen.




  1. I love your blog and your “finds”. My husband calls me a “hunter & gatherer” – I think you deserve the official title as well!;~)

    • Good luck!

    • Sheryl:
      You are the winner of the McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds contest.
      Please email me privately. So I can get your prize pack sent to you.

  2. whatta a nice set!how i wish i cud have one unfortunately, i live in the philippines.i always check ur blogs from time 2 time cuz i love ur reviews. 😀

    • Please feel free to contact McNeil Designs for Brighter Minds and ask them if they would ship to you.
      If they agree I have no problem with you entering.

  3. thank you.just mailed them a while ago. 🙂

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