Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 4, 2010

The Water’s Labor Day

Labor Day – The unofficial end of summer or so some say.

I guess they haven’t visited Florida in September.  Me and the girls are longing for Fall.  For the cooler days, the leaves changing just a little bit.  The snowbirds arriving for the winter.

We have a lot of plans this Labor Day.  We have a lot of people coming over to celebrate this holiday.  We are having our annual cookout and pool party.  This is the first year with our new pool.  So now we don’t have to take turns swimming.  The girls are so excited I can’t get them to sleep.

Uncles, Aunts, friends and more family are slowly but surely arriving.  I am preparing my famous RC Ribs.  We are having chicken, ribs and lots of sides.

The girls asked me the other day what Labor Day was and why we celebrate it.  I had to think about this.  I normally would of said that it is a day we celebrate all the hardwork the American people do each year.  But, times have changed.  Just listening to the stories my dad and brothers tell.  The American people no longer work like they use to.  We know longer now the value of the dollar or if it even has any.  I am not saying that you have to do manual labor to be someone, but you have to have the work ethics that our founders did.  We’ve come to rely on a system, that thanks to our government (whom we’ve elected) has broken down.  We are a bunch of laboratory rats that follow the maze and jump through the hoops in place in our country.  For what?  So we can get one more bail out, a handout that is costing the tax payers more than what we have.  What happened to paying cash for things we need.  If you don’t have the cash to purchase the item, than guess what I guess we don’t need it.  I know mortgages are expensive, but what if you purchased within your means, instead of what the next door neighbor has?  What if you didn’t use those credit cards?  Where has that gotten us?  We are a jobless, homeless country that is looking for the next government handout.  Whose fault is it?  Ours.  I take part of the blame.  We’ve stopped standing up for the values that this country was founded on.  We’ve spit in the eye of our fore fathers.  We’ve become a race of fast paced, fast food loving people.  I am not casting blame, I share in it.  It is human nature to take the easy way out.

But… it is not right.  What can we do?  I don’t have all the answers, but as my family gets ready to celebrate Labor Day, I want my children to know what a hard days work is and what it will get them if they work hard.  I want them to reach their dreams, goals in life and not have to be a rat following the maze.

Okay, I’ll get off my high horse now.  Don’t quite know what prompted that, could be the layoffs we’ve seen this week that have affect the ones close to us.  To hear them say that unemployment is down. Jobs are coming back.  Or is it just another lie?



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