Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 8, 2010

What going on in our lives?

Well, as you know from reading the blog, the girls are back in school.

4H starts up this month.  Two of my girls will be in it this year.  We are busy working with the new horse to get her in barrel racing shape.  Mom is even enjoying riding again.  It has been so long, but it is just like riding a bike, you never forget.  I use to be very active in the horse competition world before we moved to the Sunshine state.  I let my love of these majestic animals fall by the wayside for better things … or so I thought.  I usually help my daughter with her horse from the ground, but being on a horse along side her is much more effective.  I show her what to do and she can see exactly what is required.  Of course we have my dad’s expert advice.  I think my dad has forgotten more about horses than most people I know today.  They don’t make dad’s like mine anymore.  He reminds me of John Wayne, which by the way is his favorite actor.  Of topic here a little, I heard they are remaking one of John Wayne’s Westerns, is it Red River or something?  How could they.  Don’t they know that there is no actor or man for that matter than can fill The Duke’s shoes?  Guess, not.  But that’s Hollywood for ya.

We have field trips coming up and fun craft days at the school.  One thing that I love about my job, and after last week there is not much.  Is the flexibility to take the time to go on field trips, attend 4H meetings and help out where needed with crafts.  It is gives me the time to take part in those special moments that only come along once in a lifetime.  I love my children and love doing things with them.  That was one of the hardest decisions of my life, when I had to return to work.  I hated leaving the girls.  After homeschooling for two years, and being with them constantly since the day they were born, it was hard.  Then to take a job that I was less than thrilled about.  One I didn’t think I could do it, after all I was just a mom who had not worked in 9 years.  To work for a newspaper, to write, to fill in where needed?  I didn’t know if I had it in me.  Guess what?  I did, and some days I love it.  I love writing, reporting and investigating.  I love second guessing what the other local papers are going to write and getting the jump on them. To attend the events that affect our area and people.  To report real life stories.  But the mundane tasks I do not like.  The paperwork, the telephones, the deadlines.  Yuk!

We have my dad’s birthday coming up 84 years old.  I can’t believe how time flies.  Then I have the day my mother died to face.  Halloween and the Buckaroo Bash at the girls school.  Then the holidays really gear up.  I have so much vacation time saved up I think I am going to take it during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Especially when those early deadlines are due.  LOL

I am currently reading four books.  I am still loving my Barnes & Noble Nook.  My aunt keeps loaning books that she purchases.  This is the biggest selling point of the Nook is you can lend books to people.  I just love this.  I am still reading the old fashioned books that are bound.  I have recently decided to go back and re-read Patricia Cornwell’s series.  When I was in college a neighbor that worked in the medical field turned me on to her books.  They are good reads.  If you know anything about the law and medical profession they just suck you in.  So I am re-reading all the books I read in college by Patricia and all her new ones.  I am reading a series by Debbie Macomber some ebooks and some old fashioned.  The series I am reading by Debbie takes place near Seattle Washington in a fictional town.  This is a real nice quick read (especially if you get interrupted a lot).  The Bible of course is right up there.  Each year I try to read through the Bible, this year I am doing a devotional study of the Bible, I won’t make it through the whole Bible this year, but I like this method better, it takes you deeper into each passage.

So I am off to do what I do.



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