Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 10, 2010

Pentel Rolly 4 Color Pen Review

Pentel sent me one of my favorite things in the mail.  Pens… I love them, I collect them, and I have 2,575 of them.  Yep.  So if you have a pen, send it to me, I’ll keep it safe.

Pentel sent me the Rolly 4 color pen to use for 30 days.  I did not receive any compensation for this review.  I only received (1) pen to use.

I received a Rolly 4 color pen in green.  As seen in the photo above.  This Pentel pen is nicknamed Rolly  because of its smooth writing and multi-function.   Each 4 color pen includes Blue ink, Green ink, Red ink, Black ink.   Each ink color comes in size 0.7 mm.  I loved this pen.

I like the fact that I only had to carry one pen with me.  I could use the red for copy-editing, blue and black for writing everyday stuff and the green for fun stuff.  Believe me, this pen makes my purse a lot lighter.

This pen would be great for a student, business person or just to make life easier.

You can view all the Pentel pens at Pentel

I know Pentel would be happy if you stopped by their website, and be sure to sign up for updates on new products and contests or giveaways.

Happy writing.



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