Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 18, 2010

Christian Monthly Organizer by Janice Smatt Review

Janice M. Smatt sent me a copy of her book “Christian Monthly Organizer” to review on my blog.  Thank you Janet.  Just as a disclaimer, I wish to say that I received NO compensation for this review in return for my opinions.  I was given a media review copy of the above book and used it for 30 days in order to write this review.

Janice M. Smatt’s book “Christian Monthly Organizer” can be purchased here:

Xulon Press

Each Christian Monthly Organizer contains 77 pages of organizational bliss.

The Christian Organizer was created as a reminder to assist you with your monthly planning.  It contains pages so you can maintain accurate billing and payment information.  Appointment reminders, tithe record-keeping, personal savings and donations.

One thing that stood out to me in my review of the Christian Organizer was that it was truly a beautiful book.  The front cover has a beautiful picture of roses and contains a Scripture quotation.  The inside cover has the same image and more inspirational Scriptures.

The second item that caught my eye, was the fact that the author places emphasis on putting God first in our lives and our daily activities.  Thus the need for a Christian Monthly Organizer.

The Christian Organizer starts out with January 20___.  This is awesome as it allows you to use this book anytime during the year 2000.  There is a Scripture quote at the top of the page after the month and year.  The next section is for Church tithes and seed faith.  There is plenty of room for cash and check record keeping weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.  Next is another Scripture verse pertaining to tithes and seed faith.

The next section is for Personal Savings.  Again you have a part for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly deposits.  Then another verse pertaining to savings.

Car payments comes next with information for the monthly payment amount, date due, date paid, check number or phone payment, online payment.  Then ends with a verse relating to this section.

Mortgage and rent sections come next with much the same information and Scripture.  The organizer also included telephone payments, light bill, water bills, insurance policies, credit card payments, personal loans, lawn service and miscellaneous bills sections.

Next we move on to the Monthly Appointment sections.  Each appointment section contains phone number, doctor name, date and time and the person you spoke with when making the appointment.  Last is the payment method.  There are special sections for OB/GYN and Pediatrician and specialist appointments.  Included in this section is hair appointments and pet appointments.

The last section for each month is Monthly charities donations.  Listing a place for organization, date, amount given and check number.

I was very surprised at how easy this organizer was to incorporate into you life.  Most organizers require you take a college course to understand their usefulness.  This one is very straight forward and allows you to keep a wealth of information at your fingertips.

I hope you enjoy your Christian Monthly Organizer as much as I did.



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