Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 21, 2010

Rodeo Results

Well, I have to say this weekend was one of the best I’ve had this summer.  I can also say that my girls had a lot fun too.  We arrived home late Sunday night, hot, sweaty and exhausted, but it was worth it all.

I had actually forgot how much fun horse back riding can be.  It has been a long time since I actually competed on horse back.  I’ve ridden to show my oldest while she was learning.  I think it has been since my senior in high school since I actually competed.  I will not say how long that has been since I don’t want to date myself.  I thought I overcame the addiction of horses.  But, I was wrong.  They are majestic creatures, filled with wonder and awe.  They are strong and powerful.  They can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.  But, I still love them.

We traveled quite a ways this time to the rodeo.  When we arrived my eyes were weary from driving for so long pulling a trailer full of horses.  My ears were tired from hearing “Are we there yet” and “How much longer”.  Thank God the place was easy to find.  We arrived late Friday night and staked out our camping site.  Yep, we roughed it.  If you remember from previous posts, I hate to rough it without a fully equipped motor home that has all the amenities.  But, for my girls, I overcame my hatred.  We have a sleeper in our horse trailer and changing room.  There is just one king size bed.  So we all had to cuddle up.  We were able to plug into electricity which made me jump for joy.  There were community showers, which set me back a few years.  The girls on the other hand loved it.

The horses looked at me when we unloaded them like I had lost my mind.  What no barn?   Sorry guys and girls.

The next day was when all the excitement began.  Savannah had entered into three separate contests.  She placed third in two of her competitions.  She walked away with some pretty red ribbons.  Madison just did the fun events as did Gabby.  They are really to small yet, I feel to compete.  When they are ready, I’ll let them if they want.  Dear old mom entered her two favorites.  Barrel racing and ring toss.  I didn’t win any thing, but I stayed on and had lots of fun.  We met a lot of new horse crazy people and promised to stay in touch.

Sunday we took a few instructional courses.  Savannah loved that.  Someone else to teach her how to do something on horse back.  I have to say this girl is so much better than I was at her age.  She has the desire to learn and the heart to try.  My younger girls took a few classes too.  Mom even took one too.  Then later on we all went on a trail ride and looked at the surroundings.

When I got ready to load the horses and pony into the trailer I could see the relief on these animals faces.  They knew we were going home to their barn and familiar surroundings.

So all in all it was a great weekend spent with my kids, bonding and creating family moments we are not likely to forget anytime soon.  Especially when mom hit the dirt.



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