Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 25, 2010

We make hay while the sun is shining.

We have been busy in our house.  While the sun is still shining hot, we have been making hay.  40 acres to be exact.  I use to dread this chore when I was growing up, but we’ve sure come a long way!

When I was a kid, we didn’t have air-conditioned tractors and net wrap for the round bales.  Today, my girls got to ride an air-conditioned tractor with me and bale hay listening to country music and soaking up the cool air.  They had a blast. Living and working on a farm is fun to them.  Thank God.  I remember I didn’t think so when I was little.

As we sang along to “John Deere Green” and made hay, we learned a lesson about growing our own food and for our animals.  The John Deere tractor that we were riding had plenty of room for me and my three girls.  We did not even break a sweat.  We were able to bale 20 acres in one day.  The horses, and cows have food for another winter.  We only bale once a year, we could get more, but once a year is enough for me.  Poppa helped too.  He loves to run his farm from the seat of a tractor.

I never thought as a mom of three little girls, that I’d wear so many hats.  Mom, cook, taxi driver, coach, tutor, tractor driver, pool cleaner, etc.  But, I have to say we never have a dull moment in our household.  I love spending time doing things with the girls and I know they enjoy learning new things.  They had tons of questions and thank God, since I was once their age, I had a lot of the answers.  What I couldn’t tell them, their Poppa was able too.

Now all we have left is getting the hay to the barns.  It is a lot easier now that we have a hay-fork on the tractor.  No longer do we have to pick up each bale by hand and put it on the trailer.  We just pick it up with the tractor and stack it in the barn.  We can call it a day.

I do have to say that, that ice-cold glass of lemonade was not quite as refreshing after making hay in an air-conditioned tractor.  But it still hit the spot.  

Until next time.



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