Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 27, 2010

Field Trip!

As you know from following my blog on a regular basis, my three girls attend a Christian School.  Well… they never seem to schedule field trips where all the girls can go together.  One week it will be one child’s field trip and then the very next week we have another, only to start over the next week for the third child.  As a parent who works, this is very frustrating.  I can’t take off three days in three weeks.  I would never find my desk.  So, we decided to go on a field trip this past week, me and the girls.

My oldest daughters class was going on a field trip to a Christian Radio station.  We decided we didn’t want to go there so we opted for the Butterfly Rain Forest at the Museum of National History.

Then a wrench got thrown into our plans.  My middle daughter, Madison came down with Pink Eye, Tuesday.  My dh took her to the doctor on Wednesday so I could work that day and take off on Thursday.  The doctor said it was safe to take her so we decided to go pink eye and all.  Boy, was I glad we did.  The girls had so much fun.  Mom had fun too.  I have never seen so many butterflies in one place.  The butterflies are in an outside habitat that is filled with gorgeous flowers, shrubs and trees.  There is even a waterfall and stream.  We got to see the girls favorite, the Blue Morpho.  They watched the movie “Blue Butterfly” and instantly fell in love.  I have to say the Blue Morpho is gorgeous when it has its wings spread, but the minute the wings close it is like an ugly duckling, all brown and ugly.  What a sight.  One of the volunteers attached herself to the girls.  She was a sweet lady, probably in her 80’s, my kids have that effect on older people.  She gave us the insider tour of the Butterfly Rainforest.  We even got to see a butterfly land on one of the other people enjoying the tour.

After we spend an hour in the Butterfly Rain Forest we went through the regular museum.  The girls were a little scared to enter the cave used to show how the Indians lived.  There was even bats hanging from the ceiling.  They were able to find fossils in their own little mini cave.  We lifted logs and found the inhabitants that live in these natural habitats.  We got to see a shark’s jaw that was taller than me and wider than me (thank God for small favors).  It was a great day.

Then we all went to Chick Fillet to eat.  The girls love to eat there as it has an indoor playground.  They eagerly ate all their food so they could play.  Mom got to enjoy her meal and sit and watch people for about an hour.  They met a few friends who were traveling up and down I-75.  Everywhere my girls go they meet someone.  I am just glad these someone’s were closer to their own age. LOL

We left Chick Fillet to go to Barnes and Noble.  Everyone knows this is my favorite bookstore.  The girls said, “Mom, I thought you couldn’t go there, it was dangerous?”  I said, not to worry, I didn’t bring any money or plastic with me. I love Barnes and Noble, I love to touch all the books and see which new ones have been published.  The girls love it almost as much as me.  They like to see all the stuffed animals they have behind the counter, they are collecting them.  Madison loves Owls.  Gabby she is a little harder to pin down.  Her love changes from day-to-day.  Savannah is horse crazy.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any horse stuffed animals this time, so she opted for a word search book, horse magazine and new horse book.  Gabby finally decided on a Snowy Owl.  Mom, walked away with a new daytimer for the year 2011.

We had a blessed day together.  I am so glad we decided to go on our own field trip.  I think we will plan one for November.  The girls want to go to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, but I am not sure I am up for that all by myself.  I was thinking more along the lines of Kanapaha Gardens.

We shall see.



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