Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 29, 2010

Chasing Horses, dogs and kids!

I have to say there is never a dull moment at the Flanagan-Water’s house.  I think if I had one day that was not stressful, filled with anxiety, I wouldn’t know how to face life.  (Thank You God for keeping me relying on you fully).

Well, it was a typical Saturday, Mom get’s to sleep in from staying up all night reading.  The girls get to watch Saturday morning cartoons, while Dad goes to the dump and gets ready for football and work.  Then Mom gets to do the weekly clean on the house that Dad is supposed to help out with during the week.  Not.  But I don’t mind, I like housework, only if I can listen to my Mp3 player while doing it.  The girls have their Saturday chores and then it is play time.  I happened to finish a little early this week so I was able to finish off one of the books I was reading on my Nook.

Lunch was made and Dad was off to work.  The girls had the house to themselves.  By girls I mean me and my three kids, not the kids by themselves.  We were just sitting down to the Saturday afternoon movie, when my oldest daughter informed me that her horse was under her Poppa’s car port.  I said “What?”  Sure enough, my dad the king of the road who never stays home was gone and the horses were out.  So we spent the afternoon chasing horses.  When we finally were able to get them back into the fence.  Then of course, we had to mend fences.  My dad is not one to keep his fences maintained.  The boards are rotten and the horses just walked right through.

I finally got a hold of him, he had left his cell phone on the kitchen table at home.  He came home and helped us repair fences.

To top off a perfect day our little outside dogs escaped.  We had to chase them down too.

Finally after dark all animals were safe and sound back where they were suppose to be.  So much for a relaxing day off.



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