Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 8, 2010

“The Olive Bar” Soap Company Review

I sincerely apologize, for not completing this review sooner.

Donna at “The Olive Bar” Soap Company graciously allowed me to do a review of their products at the request of one of my loyal readers.  “The Olive Bar” Soap Company is located in the Sunshine State.  So if you live near Homosassa, please stop by and see Donna.  Be sure to tell her Melissa of Melissa’s Musings referred you!

The Olive Bar Soap company sent me the following items to try free of charge for thirty days:

1.  Dead Sea peppermint Salt Scrub

2.  Premium Lotion Honeysuckle

3.  100% Olive Oil Soap Lemon grass & Sage

4.  100% Olive Oil Soap Honey Suckle

Let’s get the legalities out-of-the-way.  I was not compensated for this review.  I was sent the above referenced products free of charge to use for 30 days and write an objective review.

One of my loyal readers sent me the information about The Olive Bar Soap Company, I was very shocked to discover that they were in my the same state!  Thank you.

I was truly amazed when I opened the box from The Olive Bar Soap Company.  The aroma just blew me away.  I couldn’t wait to try the products.  Just a little of history here to help out with the review, I hate, I repeat I hate shoes.  I have to wear shoes to work and for social functions only because society dictates it, but if I don’t have to wear them the first thing I do is ditch them.  If you come and see me at work and look under my desk you will see bare feet.  So my feet always are in sad shape.  They have calluses, they are dry and cracked.  They do not stink, I know what you were thinking.  But they are in bad shape.  I’ve tried every kind of lotion I could get my hands on.  You’ll remember I did a review not to long ago on a lotion.  The lotion seems to work for a little while as long as I am faithful to apply once a day.  But when I forget, they go back to their dry cracked selves.  I thought that was normal.  Until….

I started using the products from The Olive Bar Soap Company.  I started out asking directions from Donna, as I’ve never used a Dead Sea salt scrub before.  She was very helpful in getting me started.  I used the Dead Sea Salt Scrub in Peppermint.  Then I used the Olive Oil Lotion in Honey Suckle.  I have to tell you after the first application, I did not recognize those little piggies staring back at me.  I mean how could two products work so good so fast?  The secret ingredient, Olive Oil. Needless, to say I used these two products religiously until they were gone.  I wear Croc’s a lot and flip-flops (yes, mom these are shoes) so my feet are very visible.  I received several compliments on how different my feet looked.  Even the spa, wanted to know what I did???  They actually thought I started wearing shoes. Ha that will be the day.

My feet were soft, pliable and full of moisture.  That lasted for exactly 23 days after the last treatment.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  I have to make the drive to Homosassa to check out Donna’s store in person one of these days.

I loved the soaps too.  I alternated using the lemon grass and honey suckle.  I have never been asked so many times what perfume I was wearing.  I was not wearing any kind of perfume, it was all the soap.  My skin was so moist and healthy it glowed.

Thank you so much The Olive Bar Soap Company for taking such good care of me.

You can tell that The Olive Bar Soap Company takes pride in their products.  They come beautifully packaged.  Very professional.  They are made of 100% Virgin Olive Oil with a tad of coconut oil (soaps).  An interesting tidbit that I found on their website is that Olive Oil detoxifies the skin, taking bad oils out and putting good oils in our skin.

You can visit their online website just in case you don’t live in the Sunshine state at:

I know your skin will thank you.  They have a huge variety of items and some items are made with high quality essential oils.  The hardest part is deciding which one you would like.  But, with the holiday’s coming up why not buy your friends and family some delicious smelling healthy lotions, soaps and scrubs.

Until next time.



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