Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 14, 2010

New addition to the Flanagan-Water’s Family

Well, as promised, I have a whole post dedicated to the newest member of our family.

Last Monday, I was filling in the Classified Ads department where I work.  We had one out sick at work.  Monday’s our deadline day and everyone who wants a classified ad must have it in prior to 4pm.  I was asked to fill in due to my typing skills and proof reading experience.  I type 97 cpwm.  That is 97 correct words per minute.  I don’t mind working in classified, but sometimes, the customers are very strange.  Especially the closer you get to deadline.  I normally only work until 3pm each day, but I was asked to stay later due to the deadline and being short-handed.  I graciously agreed.

Now, I still feel like I haven’t had enough sleep in ages.  You can return to my earlier post on our weekend.  But who goes to bed at 4pm in the afternoon?  Although, I confess the thought has crossed my mind a lot lately.

A lady called in to place a free ad.  Which is not unusual.  There are always people placing free dogs, kittens, etc in our paper.  When she started telling me what she had, I got excited.  Our policy at work is if someone calls in with an ad, we can not respond to that ad until the paper is published Tuesday morning to make it fair.  She had a 9-year-old purebred Arabian gelding to give away.  I asked why she was giving away the horse.  Her reply was that she didn’t have any pasture and the horse was not doing well on a steady diet of hay.  I asked her how broke the horse was, she said he is well-trained.  I asked if my dad, an 84 yr. old man, could ride him.  She replied yes!  I got more excited.  I explained that I was interested, but that I could not reply to her ad until tomorrow morning.  She asked me if we had pasture or grass.  I said we have 25 acres of green grass.  Then she got excited.  I explained I have three little girls who love animals.  She said she would wait for my call tomorrow.

So on Tuesday morning, I had my dad give her a call at the number listed in ad.  He made a time for us to come and see the horse at 4:30pm.  I told the girls and they jumped for joy.  So after I got home from work on Tuesday, we hooked up the horse trailer to my dad’s truck and off we went to Bell to see this FREE horse.

When we arrived, I was shocked to see that this woman did not have any grass or pasture at all.  She had a total of 11 horses.  The horse we were going to see was in the front yard.  One look was all it took.  Here was about a 17 1/2 hands tall Chestnut horse that didn’t get in this condition over night.  Poor thing you could see all of his ribs and his hip bones.  I was truly amazed that the poor old guy was still standing.  My dad said under his breath, oh boy maybe we better not take this one.  I said “Dad, we can’t leave him here he’ll die”.    We all piled out and approached the owner and the horse.  After talking to the lady for some time, I came to the conclusion that she changes her story quite a bit.  She told us a completely different story than what she told me on the phone.  I told her at this point that we would take him and give him a good home with plenty of good food.  We loaded him, which was easy, he loaded right up no fuss.  Then she told us that she may have another one to give away.  A 3 yr. old filly Arabian.

Now the other horses on the premises were not in such bad shape as this horse.  Of course , they are younger too.  I thought, yeah you’ll give us another one when that one starts going down hill as bad as the one already in the trailer.  Shame on me.  I hate it when animals are not taking care of.  Animals come with responsibility.  If you can’t give them responsibility don’t get the animal.

So we headed home.  This horse was the quietest, I’ve ever seen in a trailer.  My first thought was that he was dead.  But when we pulled in the driveway, the horse started whining at the other horses.  Thank God.  He unloaded just as easy as he loaded.  We took him out and put him in the corral with the other horses to let them get acquainted.

My daughters were so excited.  Another horse.  Well that makes five now.  And counting.  I’ve always said that a woman can’t have enough books, so I guess now it is horses too.  I thought I was past my horse crazy days.  But I can’t stand to see an animal suffer.  Basically this beautiful horse wouldn’t have made it though the winter in the shape he is in.  He wouldn’t have lasted much longer eating what he was eating.

We have started feeding him slowly, we don’t want him to colic.  The horse farrier arrived Wednesday and he was shocked.  What a sad case.  But the horse is trained so perfectly.  He picks up his feet with just a voice command.  He neck reins beautifully.  Plus he has fallen in love with my girls.  They call his name and no matter where he is or what he is doing he instantly replies with his whinny.   Then he comes to them for  loving and a treat.   We haven’t been riding him until we get him back in shape.  His back bone is so visible that it hurts to look at him.  The Vet will be here tomorrow to take a look at him and advise us what he needs.

So as we welcome yet another horse into the family my husband stands off to the side and shakes his head.  My dad says oh, lets fill up the fields with horses and my girls jump for joy.   Mom just smiles as her love for horses returns and her dreams are filled with barrel racing.



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