Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 16, 2010

Buck-A-Roo Bash

Well, the day my girls have been waiting for has finally arrived.

Buck-A-Roo Bash.  Buck-A-Roo Bash is their fall festival at school.  To my girls this is the real start of Fall.  This is when their snow bird relatives will be leaving the North and heading South for the winter.  It is a fun-filled night for kids of all ages.

It happens once a year in October.  There are great things to eat, games to play, bounce houses to bounce in, horses to ride, mechanical bulls to tackle, fish to catch, etc.  And my favorite the Cake Walk.  This is my dad’s favorite too.  He always gives the girls $10.00 to win him a homemade treat.  Mom usual ends up doing the Cake Walk because the girls find it boring.  Until it comes time to help Poppa eat his Cake.

This year my dh is volunteering to run a booth.  This year I side stepped my duty and opted for just enjoying the festival.  Ha.

The Buck-A-Roo Bash is a fundraiser event for the girls school.  It usually is the place to be on a Friday night in October.

So I hope to see ya there.  If  you can’t make just let me know, and I’ll give you all the details.

On to other things, I went to the eye doctor the other day.  It was that time again.  It seems like each year my eyes change a little more.  And it always seems like they get worse rather than better.  So, I was braced for what I would hear.  But, never in my wildest dreams would I have expected what I heard.  Apparently, we all have this jelly blob in the back of our eye.  Over time this blob detaches and you can see the shadow of little what I call squiggles.  More and more detaches over time and this is a normal process.  In some people, it detaches too quickly or uneven and takes part of the retina with it.  It seems that I am one of those people.  I have been seeing more squiggles lately and flashes of light at night.  So as I sit in the chair and listen to the eye doctor tell me that I shouldn’t be alarmed, but if I see a drape like thing cover my eye or a blob that covers part of my vision field, I need to contact him immediately no matter the time.  I begin to get concerned.  My eyes are very important to me.  They take me every where.  I can open any book and go anywhere I want.  They allow me to read, see my children and enjoy spending time with those that I love.  They are the window to my soul as someone once said.  So I was concerned.

There is nothing you can do to prevent this detaching improperly.  You just have to hope and pray that when it detaches it does it properly and does not take any of the retina with it.  I was too scared to ask the doctor what happens if the retina goes too.  So I will just have to wait on that news.

So far, no drapes or blobs just squiggles.  But, I am going to trust God as He knows and I am in His hands.

We heard from some of our relatives today, that they will be headed South the first of November.  We have my Nephew and his family coming to visit from Illinois the end of October.  We have some of my dad’s old work friends coming in about three weeks.  So our little plot of land will be filling up.  My two aunts and uncles live in front of my dad on their own five acre plots.  We live in the back on our five acres and my dad lives in the middle on his 40 acres.  One big happy family.  Most of the time.

On a positive note, I got a phone call the other day from Barnes and Noble in Gainesville.  A few weeks ago, when I took the girls to the Butterfly Rainforest at the Natural History Museum we stopped by Barnes and Noble.  While shopping around they were having a contest to win an American Girl doll and her accessories.  No purchase necessary.  So I entered Savannah my oldest.  I was going to enter the other girls, but they were eager to get home with their new purchases and wouldn’t stand still.  So the manager from Barnes and Noble calls me Thursday to tell me that I won the contest for my daughter, Savannah.  I was totally shocked.  I couldn’t believe it.  What a prize.  I know what Savannah is getting for Christmas.  LOL  So Saturday we are going back to Gainesville to pick up our winnings and hopefully not break the bank buying stuff at my favorite store.

Well, my eyes are tired and I am off to bed.  Have a great weekend.



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