Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 24, 2010

Netflix Review

Well as promised now that I am back home the reviews will start again.

I hope to have an awesome 2010 for my readers.  I want to hear what type of reviews you would like to see.

I would love to review an automatic vacuum cleaner.  I would love to review a new coffee maker.  I would love a review on electronics like camera’s, video camera’s and Mp3 players.  Those are just a few of my wish lists.

My biggest wish is that I could find a purse besides Vera Bradley that has all the pockets and still is functional.

Me and my family have been a Netflix users for two years now.  We started out with Blockbuster movies at home, but quickly found out that the waiting periods were too long to suit our needs.  With Netflix we are on the three movies at a time plan.  This works out great for us.  One movie for dad, one movie for mom and one movie for the girls.  I never thought I would like receiving movies in the mail, but now I can’t imagine living without it.

The biggest thing that has made me a Netflix fan is the turn around time.  We receive a movie on Monday and watch it Monday night, mail it back Tuesday morning and we have a new movie in our house Thursday.  I just can’t believe how fast they are mailed to us and are received back at the distribution center.  All for less money than the movie store in our town.

Since becoming a member of Netflix there has only been three times that we’ve had to we’ve had to wait for a movie to become available.  One just recently and the movie was marked short wait and within two days it was shipped to us.  The two before that were for off the wall movies that my children wanted to see and these movies had to come from a different distribution center than we normally receive movies from.  To make up for the wait Netflix sent the next movie in our Queue so we wouldn’t be without a movie to watch why we were waiting.

Three times we’ve received damaged disc’s in the mail.  We just mark them damaged on our Netflix page and they give us the option of having the movie shipped again or to select a new one.  I know accidents happen especially with our postal system.  I love the customer service that Netflix offers.

I did not receive any type of compensation for this review.   I choose to review Netflix without their request.  I decided to review them because I heard someone talking about them in a negative manner in our local post office.  So I wanted to share what a positive experience our family has had with Netflix.

Why not stop by and get a free month trial with Netflix today.


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