Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 28, 2010

Ahhh another gorgeous Thanksgiving!

I know I am a little late in posting this, but I was taking some much-needed time off.

Our family had a truly blessed Thanksgiving.  We had a small group this year compared to last year.  It seems we have a lot of turmoil going on at the moment and people within our family and close friends are in limbo.  We have a family member going to trial in December over the fire that happened last year.  Which if you ask me is totally ridiculous.  I can’t believe that family friends can sue a family member over hearsay and that the Ag Fire Marshall swallowed it hook line and sinker.  But that’s what I get for living in a rural community where the good ole boys rule.  Keep my aunt and uncle in your prayers over this.  I know the truth will prevail.

Anyways, back to the entry at hand.  We had a gorgeous day with sun and good food.  I cooked again this year.  The turkey, the cornbread stuffing, the smashed potatoes as my girls call them, the pumpkin pies, and of course salad and all the fixin’s.   It was good, I didn’t have much of an appetite this year only for the smashed potatoes.  But we all got full and reflected on how blessed we are to be together and have good friends.

Since I had to work yesterday, due to my recent absence due to a death.  I had to stay up late making things and of course I couldn’t resist staying up later to watch Mcleod’s Daughters.  My new all time favorite TV series.  I am addicted.  I am only on season 3, but I am already hooked.  So needless to say 6am came early or if you look at it from my stand point late.  I think I got an hour sleep.  Thank God for Starbuck’s coffee.

I didn’t mind the lack of sleep, especially when I say the excitement on the girls faces when they woke and realized the aroma they smelled was turkey.  They love Thanksgiving.  They love all the good food and the company.

We were able to get some horse back riding in today.  Mom received an injury.  I have a rope burn on my left hand that is impairing my typing.  One of the horses hates to take a bit.  The only reason we still use the bit is for control since my 9 yr. old daughter rides him.  He decided to rear up while my dh was putting in the bit.  Error number one never let a greenhorn bridle a horse.  Error number two never let a greenhorn hold a horse when he is going to rear and bolt.  Error number three never, never, never let go of the rope.  I can still hear my dad yelling that one into my little brain as a child.  While…I didn’t let go of the rope and I talked Redbud down.  He didn’t mean to hurt me.  I think he has a sore mouth and when a greenhorn is forcing a bit into an animals mouth that is already sore you are looking for trouble.  I should have done it.  Guess all that turkey made me sleepy.  Lesson learned.  My hand will heal.

Then after horseback riding we ate one last time and I enjoyed sometime in the hot tub.  It felt good to relax.

Overall it was a great day.  I can’t write too long as I have to get to bed at a decent time, so I can get up at 12:01 am and hit all the Black Friday sales.  I have my lists and I am checking them twice.  I love Black Friday, I live for Black Friday.



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