Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 6, 2010

The Picture Bible Review

I did not receive any compensation for this review.  I was sent a review copy to use for 30 days and write my opinion.

The Picture Bible Review.

The Picture Bible is part of FaithKidz of Cook Communications Ministries.  You can visit them at www.

My girls fell in love with this Bible the instant they saw it.  They love pictures and this is a wonderful way for your little ones to enjoy the  Bible.  The Picture Bible is just as it says, a Bible full of pictures.  795 pages to be exact.

There is an index inside the front cover to locate your favorite Bible stories.  After each story there is a Did You Know section to test your reading comprehension.  At the back of the book is an index to help you locate the Scripture as well as the story.

Me and my family have had such a good time each evening spending time in God’s Word with the Picture Bible.  It brings the Bible alive to little eyes.  They actually can see the illustrations with their own eyes.  You wouldn’t believe the conversations that it sparked while we were having our devotions.

The timeless stories of the Bible in full color.  Each illustration comes in full color which really makes the stories alive. There are maps, facts and more great things your children will love as they spend time in the Word.

Don’t let the pictures fool you.  The Picture Bible is for everyone no matter what your age.

I hope you will visit Cook Communications Ministry and check out The Picture Bible and they many other resources they have available.



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