Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 17, 2010

It has been a long time…

I didn’t realize I haven’t posted since December 10th.  I have no excuse really.  Life.

My brother came into town on his way to Georgia to finish up a job.  We spent sometime with him.  My aunt and uncle arrived from Michigan.   We haven’t seen them in 6 months so we had to catch up as they say.

I have Christmas shopping to do on top of my other duties.  I tried to do most of Christmas shopping this year online.  I hate going to Gainesville to shop.  Which is strange considering I moved there after high school and loved it while I lived there.  But, now I can’t stand going to that town.  I don’t miss the traffic, crowds, etc.  The only thing I miss is all the great restaurants and book stores with coffee!  So I am done shopping.  I got everything everyone on my list wanted.  I got my goodies too.  A new Mac Book Laptop and a Ipad!  I am so excited can’t wait to open my presents this year.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my daughter Gabby, turns six this month and we are having her birthday party this week.  We are having her friends and family over tomorrow.  So I’ve been busy cleaning and organizing, wrapping presents.  I am expecting 34 people but it is supposed to rain so maybe the number will go down.  Gabby is so excited!  She got our presents on the actual day she was born, 12/16.  So she is looking forward to a party and play dates with her friends, oh I am sure the presents have something to do with her excite.  She said the funnies thing when I woke her up on her birthday singing “Happy Birthday”.  She said “Mommie now that I am six do I have to be all grown up?”  I explained that she did not, that she was just one year older.  She said her sister told her that when she turned six she would have to wash dishes.  I laughed leave it to Madison to try to delegate chores.  I told Gabby that she did not have to wash dishes because this year Mommie gets a new dishwasher for Christmas.  She was overjoyed.  Then she asked me if I would let her vacuum.  I said only if you want too.  The things little ones say.

We had our Christmas Party at work this week.  It was so fun.  We all joined together to eat and exchange gifts.  I love to exchange gifts with those I work with.  Why?  Because we work together, how well do we really know each other.  It is so fun to see what they will buy you or if they’ve been paying attention.  LOL

I have reviews coming up but I am going to hold off until after Christmas.  We had more relatives arrive this week and we are expecting more visitors.

I am taking part of the week of next week to plan the meal and prepare it.  Then I am taking the week off after Christmas to relax and recoup!  Haha

So for the person who left the comment on my blog about my post, yes they will be about life and not very exciting.



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