Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 19, 2010

McLeod’s Daughters….

I have to confess me and my girls have become addicted to watching McLeod’s Daughters on Netflix.  Now, please don’t spoil anything for us, we’ve only made it to Season 3 disc 7, we are waiting on disc 8.

We had a startling discovery in disc 7.  Claire McLeod our favorite character on the show died.  We were not expecting that.  Our second favorite character is Alex Ryan.

So for all those people out there that have watched McCleod’s Daughters.  I have a question that I can not find the answer too.  I don’t want you to spoil anything for us but I do want to know…

1.  Did Alex ever tell Claire that he loves her before she died?

I don’t remember ever hearing him tell her that he loved her.  She told him, but he didn’t respond that I remember.

The first person that correctly answers the question, I have a surprise for.

I can’t believe all the You Tube postings on McLeod’s daughters and all the websites out there mentioning our new favorite TV series.  Not to mention the fan fiction sites.  Check them out when you have a moment you’ll be surprised I know I was.

But after scouring the internet for days I still could not find the answer to my question.

I am waiting for an answer.




  1. i like it

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