Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 23, 2010

We have a winner!

Someone responded to the McLeod’s Daughter’s contest with the correct answer, thank you!  Sure puts our mind at ease.  We just finished Season 3 and are ready for Season 4, so no spoilers.

I am writing this post on my new laptop that I got for Christmas, okay, I got it early.  I love the ease of use and that I can sit on the couch and update my blog or write my articles.  So hopefully, I can write more often now.

We are sick in our household.  I came home sick Tuesday.  Body aches, headaches, stuffy noses, coughing, sneezing you name it we’ve all had it.  I was the last to get it.  Boy oh Boy I wish I could have skipped this one.  I am praying that I will be well by Christmas so I can enjoy all the fun.

I am not going to write long just wanted to test out the laptop and do something useful.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy, Blessed New Year.



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