Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 25, 2010

Gabby’s Sixth Birthday.

Well, Gabby’s birthday party was a success, she said.  She was so excited when everyone starting arriving.  She played the perfect hostess.  She greeted each person as they got out of their vehicles with “Did you bring me a present?”  You can imagine the embarrassment I suffered.

We didn’t have as many people as I had originally thought, but there was enough to fill our little house to over flowing.  We did the cake and ice cream first and then we got to the present.  She received a lot of beautiful, thoughtful gifts.  She got gift cards to Walmart, she got cash and she got toys.  She got a new winter shirt from Papa, and he bought the right size too.  She was so excited that Papa got her a gift that she had to put it on right away.  She wore the shirt for two days straight.

The adults had a nice visit while the children played outside.  My aunt and uncle made it from Michigan in time for Gabby’s party so she was so happy.  We weren’t sure they were going to make it this year with the weather and other things. 

Me and the girls went to McDonald’s after the party to enjoy  lunch.  The girls like to eat inside even though they don’t have any toys for them to play with, but they do have the flat screen TV’s.  It seemed they also had an infestation of lady bugs also so we had to catch each one and release them safely to the outside.

Overall, Gabby said that this day was the best.  I still can’t believe my little girl turned six today.  I am beginning to feel old.  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  I remember her first step, I remember her first word.




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