Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my faithful readers and subscribers!  And of course the one’s who stop by every now and then.

It is my prayer that each and every one of you will have a blessed 2011.  That God will richly bless you each and everyday.  That God’s hand will be evident in your life and that you will have peace that passes all understanding.

We survived the holiday’s, did you?  We all came down with the flu right after Gabby’s birthday party and then had it all through Christmas and into the New Year week.  I took sometime off work, or I will say I tried, I got called in two of the days I had planned to take off.  Due to holiday deadlines and end of the fiscal year.  I was down sick in bed before Christmas for two days and then one day after Christmas.  I haven’t been that sick in a while.  I was running a fever of 102.

We had a nice holiday.  The girls were sick too so they didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn to open presents so that was nice to get some extra shut-eye.  We had Christmas dinner at my dad’s and the only thing I had to make this year was mashed potatoes.  Yeah.  A friend of my dad’s who usually eats with us each holiday, purchased a complete meal for us.  We just had to warm it up and enjoy.  I have always wondered how good these meals were, and I got to find out this year.  It was actually very good.  Thank you.

My aunts and uncle joined us and added to our holiday menu with turkey and all the fixings.  We had way too much food but we always do.  Since I got sick I have not had an appetite for days so I did my best to eat so feelings would not be hurt.  The girls loved the fruit and caramel tray and of course the veggie tray which they devoured with gusto.  This year we had Yankee stuffing.  No cornbread for us this Christmas dinner which was fine by me since I didn’t have to make it.  I don’t think I could have if I wanted too.

The girls got everything on their wish list and then some.  My dad or Papa always gives them his loose change that he has collected all year-long.  They love it.  Then they can hit the after Christmas sales.  We got my dad a BB gun this year that is the only thing he said he wanted.  So watch out when you pull into Flanaganville, or you might get shot at. LOL  We had a good visit with everyone and got to play some cards and then it was home to bed for me.  I was exhausted.

We got rain Christmas day and then it turned so cold.  I was glad that we were over the worst of the flu when that hit.  It was cold for almost a week here.  Reminded me of Christmas without the snow. 

It has since warmed up here and we are getting rain again.  I am so ready for the weather to regulate itself either stay cold or warm and stop going back and forth.  That is how we all get sick, when it is warm one minute and cold the next.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season and I can’t wait for all the posts in 2011.

Until then,



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