Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 3, 2011

Favorite websites

I thought I’d start off the New Year with a few of my favorite websites or places I like to visit. (my id in case you want to sign up is hugapoohlouise.  This is a site to swap books.  If you have books that you’ve read you can post them for other people to request.  It only costs you the postage to send the book and once it is received you receive a point to request a book of your choice.  I have gotten many books over the years that are hard to find and new releases.  Stop by and try it out, I would be honored if you would sign up under me.  Is another book swapping site.  You get credits faster on this site than paperbackswap.  For each book you list you get a 10th of a credit.  If you love to read you’ll love this site.  Anne has quite a few websites from homeschooling to health.  I recently took an ecourse by here on fatigue and on getting your home in order.  She has tons of articles for anybody.  When you stop by tell her Melissa sent you. for up to date weather.  I love that you can pinpoint your location on the map and get real-time weather.  I also get email updates as to the forecast for my area morning, noon and night.  This is the most accurate weather channel I’ve found for our rural area online. is another favorite place.  For all your bible study needs.  It is a free program, you can donate of course and once you try out all the resources I am sure you’ll want to further the spread.  I love that you can access so many bible study tools in one place.  Different bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries you name it.  You can even bookmark and add your own notes. is another site I visit quite frequently to find new movies and to add them to my lists.  I watched my first instant movie the other night and I have to say I was surprised at the quality and sound.  It was just like watching it on our big screen.  I definitely will be back to watch more as time allows. is another favorite haunt of mine.  I got a $25. gift card for Christmas so I’ve been checking out new reading material.  I am looking at the book by George Bush.  Still kind of pricey.  Would love to do a review of it.  I also want the new Patricia Cornwell novel.  I like to read Kristin Hannah, Elin Hilderbrand, Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham.  I recently stumbled onto a new author and he even has a free ebook for the Nook.  Stop over at Barnes and Noble and see what you want to read next.

I visit quite frequently as I sell books online with them, but I love to check out prices and reviews too.

I also visit which is owned by Ebay.  I sell books online with them too.  Of course who doesn’t visit Ebay.

I hope you enjoyed the websites I’ve shared.  If you know of any that are similar or ones you think I’d enjoy drop me a line.



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