Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 5, 2011

My 21 day fasting journey!

My church has offered up a challenge and I decided to try it.  We as a church will be fasting for 21 days.

I’ve never done a fast before so this is all new to me.  I thought I’d share my journey with my blog readers.

As you know if you know me or my blog, I love coffee and my second vice is Coke.  So I decided to give up beginning 01/02/11 the following:  All coffee, hot/cold, instant, etc.  Plus Coke.  (What was I thinking?)

Well here we are on day two!  I did not realize how much coffee I drank, or I guess I did but never wanted to face it.  I would get up in the morning and make a pot and start drinking at 5am.  Then I would drink cup after cup and I don’t mean any cup, I have a 20 ounce mug with a lid that I drink out of until lunch time.  Then I would have a Coke and then it was right back to coffee until I went to bed.

So you can imagine with that amount of coffee intake I have been having a hard time getting going in the morning and feel very sleepy late in the afternoon.  But… I’ve done what I was told and spent this time with the Lord.  I’ve come away refreshed and overflowing with joy.  I am not lying either, I had one of the customers tell me at work I seemed so happy in 2011.  Wonder if it has to do with going without or spending time with God?  I would have to say spending time with God.  I have found some new nuggets I’ve been thinking and meditating on.  I have one I will share later this week with you on faith.  Faith as a cast net.

So if you would say a prayer for me today that I will be able to deny my flesh and finish the fast.  But not only make the finish line but draw closer to God while I am and see miraculous answers to prayers.

Until next time…



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